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WATERSTOPS SM HYDROTITE WATERSTOP Expands up to eight times its original volume when exposed to water !! o Creates an effective compression seal within joints of limited movement !! o Application: Tunnels and culverts, dams, locks, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts, pipe penetrations, swimming pools, storage tanks, retaining walls, foundations, and slabs on grade g , , g LOCKSTOP WATERSTOP Lockstop single-component, self-sealing mastic waterstop !! o Prevents moisture from penetrating NON-MOVING joints in concrete construction !! o Fast and easy-to-install in all working temperatures !! o Provides a lasting, watertight bond to concrete surfaces !! o Flexible seal will not crack, shrink, dry out or change over time !! o Provides a watertight bond to concrete surfaces !! o Self adheres to Lockstop Primer Adhesive SWELLSTOP WATERSTOP A flexible, coiled strip of butyl rubber and a swellable clay waterproofing compound that swells upon contact with water to form a long lasting compression seal in concrete joints !! o Swellstop also provides excellent secondary protection when used in conjunction with traditional waterstops !! o Swellstop requires no special skills and installs quickly. As a strip applied waterstop, Swellstop reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for splitforming and fabricated splices !! o Applies in any Dry Weather - Swellstop remains flexible under most temperature conditions for all season applications !! o Safe - Swellstop is non-toxic and requires no special handling !! o Self-Adhering - Swellstop has excellent adhesion to SwellstopPrimer/Adhesive over clean, dry concrete !! o Easy-to-Install - Swellstop can be applied by one person without split forming or splicing !! o Septic tanks, sanitary and storm sewer manholes !! o Pipe (round, oval, flatbase, elliptical and arch types) !! o Construction joints in foundation slabs or below grade walls !! o Precast concrete wall panel system !! o Utility and burial vaults !! o Wet wells and portable water tanks !! o Box culverts SIKASWELL S-2 WATERSTOP A polyurethane-based waterstop for use in all kinds of construction joints !! o Swells in contact with water !! o Easy and simple application !! o Good adhesion to dry and damp substrates !! o Permanently water resistant !! o No mechanical fixings required !! o Adaptable for irregular and rough surfaces !! o 20 oz. PRODUCT NO. PRICE 438412200 $44.99 LOCKSTOP PRIMER PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 483GS592 1 GAL. $72.29 LOCKSTOP WATERSTOP PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 483GS5952 1" X 3/4" X 100' $135.19 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 483CJ07253KA WITH ADHESIVE BACK - 32.8 FT. $337.59 48310202KADH WITH ADHESIVE BACK - 164 FT $337.59 483CJ07253K WITHOUT ADHESIVE BACK - 0725 3K $315.09 483GS020RL WITHOUT ADHESIVE BACK - 1020 2K $315.09 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 483SS900 1" X 3/4" X 16' 8" - SOLD PER FOOT $2.49 483594LF 100' ROLL $2.59 483594RL 1" X 3/4" X 16' ROLL $35.59 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 4835931Q 1 QT. SWELLSTOP PRIMER $40.39 483596003 1 GAL. SWELLSTOP PRIMER $1.89 WATER BASED PRIMER PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 4835931 1 GAL. SWELLSTOP II PRIMER $112.69 758 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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