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Page Header Goes Here 753 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING Rental Equipment Financial Advantages Capital investment in forming systems, braces and accessories is reduced. Renting doesn't tie up valuable capital that could be more productive elsewhere. Rentals are treated as an "off-balance sheet" item, neither asset- nor liability. This improves the contractor's bonding capacity and keeps his credit lines available for short-term working capital. Rentals reduce taxable fixed assets. Rental equipment expenditures are deductible as an expense. This permits full expensing of equipment and accessories to a particular project rather than depreciation over a period of years and several projects. Office accounting and administrative expenses are reduced to a minimum without the extensive bookkeeping that is part of equipment ownership. Rental Equipment Terms All rentals are for a minimum period which varies with the type of equipment. Rentals which can be locally delivered by the branch are FOB job site with rental billing starting when the equipment is delivered to the job site and stopping when it is picked up. All other rentals are FOB the White Cap branch or shipping point with rental starting on the date of the shipment bill of lading and stopping on the date of the return bill of lading. The customer pays freight charges to and from the job site. The White Cap Company will provide rental equipment in good operating condition and will bear the cost of expense due to normal wear and tear, the customer is responsible for all loss or damage to rented equipment and agrees to return it in the same condition as delivered less normal wear. Any lost or damaged equipment will be converted to sale at list price. The customer is responsible for any injuries to persons or property caused by the operation, handling, or transportation of any of the equipment and agrees to indemnify The White Cap Company for any loss or damage caused. The White Cap Company shall in no event be liable for loss or damage resulting from time lost because of repairs or resulting from the use of the equipment or resulting from the failure of the equipment to operate properly. TiltUp braces, vibrators and complete Hand-Set forming systems are among the many items in White Cap's huge rental inventory. RENT BUY VS

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