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Page Header Goes Here SM 752 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies RENT BUY Rental Equipment Company Rental Service With experience in both sales and rentals, White Cap can make unbiased evaluations for rent vs. buy decisions. When needed, we are equipped to provide the following rental services: 1. Responsive delivery and pick-up 2. Continual maintenance including back-up equipment and spare parts 3. A well-stocked, nearby warehouse for easy access 4. A network of branch offices close to all jobs 5. Design time and other engineering services required in conjunction with the use of form systems and equipment, such as placement of tilt-up inserts With rentals, a contractor can conduct his business with a lower investment and use his labor force more effectively by transferring material and equipment coordination to the rental company. When the job is over, the equipment isn't left over. It is the rare contractor, big or small, who does not turn to rentals at least occasionally ... to meet short-term production peaks. to fill in with needed equipment that is used only sparingly. to employ specialty items for specific, one time requirements, or to meet any of a hundred other reasons that call for extra equipment on the job when it's needed. But many more contractors are finding that it makes increasingly good sense to rent more and buy less. The concept behind this decision is that equipment utilization, not ownership is the key to producing profits. The true cost of owning equipment is usually more than it appears to be. Under-utilization of fixed assets is a persistent drain on a contractor's resources. Since White Cap's business is to serve all concrete construction needs, the company has developed expertise in both rentals and sales. There are both operational and financial advantages of renting that are worth considering. Operational Advantages Immediate use of equipment in the right quantities when it's needed most. There's no waiting on the availability of capital. When a contract award comes through, the most up-to-date equipment is easily acquired. There's no fear of obsolescence. When a better method becomes available, the contractor is free to try it. He is not locked into making use of something he already owns. Ownership responsibilities (maintenance, repairs, parts inventory, debt, storage, interest, taxes and depreciation) are the rental company's problems. This leaves the contractor free to manage the job instead of the equipment. Use the right equipment for a particular job. The best system for the next job may not be what was used on the last job. Labor costs can be kept to a minimum by using the equipment best suited to each job. The contractor can make more productive use of his personnel without the necessity of servicing, warehousing, and transporting equipment. Rental invoices can be used as a management tool to effect positive cost control. The invoice gives a complete history of material delivered, used, and picked up for each project. Keeping close tabs on construction costs can provide an important competitive edge. VS

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