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Shoring & Support Systems SHORING & SUPPORT SYSTEMS Shoring and deck support system for strength and application versatility. For exceptional stregth and durability, all Symons shoring frames are constructed of welded structural steel tubing. A typical load capacity is 12,000 lbs/ leg (2.5:1 safety factor) up to (3) three tiers high. Six FrameFast sizes are available. FrameFast Using DeckFast is as simple as erecting two components to support a ready-to-pour deck surface! It is the most efficient flat slab formwork system availabe with two basic components for superior labor savings and forming productivity. The large panel accelerates set-up and overall labor savings of the system. DeckFast ShorFast is the highly productive slab for system that consists of high- capacity legs, frames, beams, and platforms to provide a ready-to-pour slab surface. ShorFast tables are created by combining these components into a table configuration which can easily be flown or rolled from pour to pour. ShorFast The Garage Beam system is a comprehensive design and equipment plan for post- tensioned concrete beam and slab parking structures. The system consists of long beam form assemblies, high-capacity leg supports, column and capital forms, and reusable deck panels. Garage Beam A unique hole pattern makes the Symons Soldier adaptable to virtually any concrete forming or shoring application. When combined with the standard hardware and accessories, it can be configured as a shore, brace, strongback, waler, truss, or one of many other typical concrete forming system components. Symons Soldier Tight site conditions often require one-sided forming support frames. The Backbone Support Frames transfer forces through the anchors embedded in the concrete at the foot of the frame and through rear pressure jacks on the bracket. One-sided forming options also include Versiform Walers and Symons Soldier Beams. One-Sided Forming The Space-Lift system is a fully-engineered jump form system for concrete shear wall applications. The system consists of frame components and a carriage assembly that supports the forming equipment and work crew. It is a productive jump for system for structures with core walls and shear walls. Space-Lift The Pro-Shore shoring product line is comprised of special drop-head post shores, aluminum ledgers and laminated wood joists. With a 6' x 8' grid, Pro-Shore utilizes 25% fewer posts than standard metric systems. The system, engineered or versatility, is primarily used in mid- and high-rise concrete construction. Pro-Shore 751 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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