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Rebar Cutters and Benders SM HEAVY DUTY REBAR CUTTER/BENDER Cuts and bends rebar up to 3/4" in diameter !! o Combination tool for both cutting and bending rebar !! o Comes mounted on a sturdy board PRODUCT NO. PRICE 10486618 $419.99 JET REBAR CUTTER/BENDER 5/8" capacity cuts grade 60 rebar !! o Can be bolted to the floor or a board for easy one handed operation !! o Patented design uses needle bearing for easy cutting !! o Jaws are made of high-carbon alloy tool steel !! o Overall length is 52" !! o Shipping weight 34 lbs. PRODUCT NO. PRICE 266RCB16 $418.19 MANUAL REBAR CUTTER AND BENDER 5/8" capacity cuts grade 60 rebar !! o Longer handle and cam mechanism provides greater leverage when cutting and bending !! o Adjustable 2-1/2" diameter bending roller and replaceable cutting jaws have two open slots with innovative shaped blades to prevent chipping !! o Sturdy frame design !! o Mounted board included des g en PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294MBC16B $356.99 5/8" REBAR CUTTER AND BENDER Cut material hardness up to grade 60 !! o Two-in-one combination of cutting and bending rebar !! o Jaws are made of drop forged high grade alloy steel !! o Shear-cut blades cut and bend grade 60 rebar to 90 or 180 !! o Can be bolted to floor or board for easy one hand operation g and bending rebar h grade alloy steel ade 60 rebar to 90 or 180 r PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 136CB0216 REBAR CUTTER $179.99 136CBE0216 REPLACEMENT HEAD $179.99 INDEXING REBAR BENDER 14-position indexing head !! o Extra-sturdy steel handles for the toughest conditions !! o Super-strong indexing head grips rebar securely for accurate bends 194RB4 194RB5 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 194RB4 #4, 3/8" AND 1/2" REBAR, EXTENDING $83.99 194RB5 #5, 5/8" REBAR $136.49 194RB6 #6, 3/4" REBAR $146.99 REBAR HICKEY Three sizes bend rebar from No. 3 through No. 9 !! o Heavy-duty tubular-steel handles range from 40" to 60" in length !! o Made in the USA !! o Single 65 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 28064310 #5 $157.49 28064311 #6 $168.69 28064312 #7-#9 $251.99 HICKEY BAR Welded steel head !! o Easy-to-use and store !! o Excellent durability PRODUCT NO. LENGTH CAPACITY PRICE 104HB20 20" 3/8" $23.09 104HB34 34" 5/8" $34.59 738 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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