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Rebar Tie Wire Tying Tools Tie Wire Reels AUTOMATIC WIRE TYING TOOL Convenience and speed when tying double loop ties !! o Makes a 2-1/2 turn twist with one short pull !! o Automatically returns to its original position !! o Speed, ease of use, and economical matically returns to its original position d, ease of use, and economical PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104WTT $24.19 TIE WIRE REEL Feeds pre-coiled wire smoothly and quickly to reduce wire waste !! o Designed for left or right hand use !! o Easily-removed cover plate permits quick, convenient reloading of all types of wire !! o Optional accessory rigging-leather belt and hip pad available separately !! o Made in the USA PRODUCT NO. PRICE 28027400 $55.69 ALUMINUM TIE WIRE REEL Saves time and reduces wasted wire !! o Rugged, lightweight reel feeds pre-coiled wire smoothly, easily, and quickly !! o Designed for left or right hand use !! o Easily-removed cover plate permits quick, convenient reloading PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104TWRM $39.89 PLASTIC TIE WIRE REEL Frees both hands for tying operations !! o Carry wire right at the hip where you need it !! o Durable lightweight plastic construction !! o Non-conductive tool PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104TWRP $28.09 MAR MAC TIE WIRE Crafted to exacting tolerances through a comprehensive quality control system !! o All wire is drawn and annealed in our own plant, and custom manufactured to meet each customers' precise specifications PRODUCT NO. GAUGE TYPE QUANTITY PRICE 113TW1603B 16 GA. BLACK ANNEALED BOX CFQ 113TW1605GC 16.5 GA. GOLD COATED ROLL CFQ 113TW1605MSW 16.5 GA. SPEED WIRE EACH CFQ 113TW16COATD 16 GA. COATED EACH CFQ 113TW16CTDB 16 GA. COATED BOX CFQ 113TW16DS 16 GA. DOUBLE STRAND ROLL CFQ 113TW16MARMC 16 GA. DOMESTIC 20 COILS/BOX CFQ 113TW16MRMCB 16 GA. DOMESTIC BOX CFQ MAX TIE WIRE Used with the 381RB397, 381RB217, 381RB655 and 381RB517 rebar tiers !! o Polyester coated, electro-galvanized or regular steel wire PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 381TW1525 16 GA. 91 FT/COIL PLAIN TIE WIRE $6.29 381TW1525B 16/PLAIN CFQ 381TW1525PC 18/POLY $12.09 381TW1525PCB 16/POLY CFQ 381TW1525EGB 16/GALV CFQ 381TW1525EG 16/GALV $11.19 381TW898 21/PLAIN TIE WIRE $5.29 381TW898EG 21/ELECTROGALVANIZED $6.29 381TW898PC 21/POLY COATED $11.59 737 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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