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control joints Keyways accessories LASERFORM EDGE FORM No hand troweling or edging needed !! o Set along a string or painted line using 3 or 4 spikes to install each 8' section !! o Insert steel dowels or rebar through pre-drilled holes !! o Concrete is poured on top of the Laserform, allowing a laser-guided screed to work over the form HIGHWAY CENTER STRIP METAL KEYWAY !! o Channel stakes double as splice !! o Eliminates sharp angles and spalling Stake Slot 12" on center "Passthru" Configuration Dowel Knockout 6" on center Overlap with Stake as Splice Tie Holes to Prevent Floating "Front" Configuration (Preferred) G-SEAL Joint sealant alternative !! o Staples easily to expansion board in typical installation !! o Accommodates joint movement without failure !! o Maintenance-free, long-lasting joint seal !! o Resistant to typical roadway chemicals hout failure seal als PRO-KEY METAL-KEYED CONTROL JOINTS Positive stake-to-key lock !! o Prevents costly delays associated with resetting key joint when floating concrete !! o Ultra fine profile for architecturally pleasing joint lines in finished slab QUICKEY METAL KEYED CONTROL JOINTS 24 gauge, G60 hot dipped mill galvanized steel !! o For use in concrete flatwork as a control or construction joint !! o Knockouts for square dowels, which provide better load transfer and reduce edge curl !! o Priced per piece PLASTIC KEYWAY Tongue and groove joint form !! o Nail or staple to form or header, to mold a keyed construction joint !! o Will not whip or warp, yet remains light, flexible and impact-resistant !! o Strips quickly and can be reused or left in place !! o Priced per 10' piece NAIL-ON KEYWAY !! o Made of high quality, hot-dipped mill galvanized steel !! o Folded over to eliminate sharp edges !! o A 1:4 slope that meets both ACI & PCI recommendations !! o All knockouts are on 6" center and are 9/16" & 7/8" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 272KJNO6 CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 505PKW312 3-1/2" X 10' $9.90 505PKW214 2-1/4" X 10' $5.90 505PKW218 2-1/8" X 10' $5.90 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 483624 CAP G SEAL 1/2" X 2" X 50' $4.09 483632 RETRO CAP 1/2" X 2" X 10' $4.09 483610 CAP G SEAL 3/4" X 2" X 50' $4.79 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 151FEFS16 16" SPIKE W/ WASHER CFQ 483FEF868 6" X 8' LASERFORM CFQ 483FEF858 5" X 8' LASERFORM CFQ PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 272MC412 4-1/2"X10' CFQ 272MC512 5-1/2" X 10' CFQ 272MC612 6-1/2"X10' CFQ 272MC712 7-1/2"X10' CFQ 272MC812 8-1/2"X10' CFQ 272MC912 9-1/2"X10' CFQ 272SSC15 15" STRIP PIN CFQ PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 272QKCJ512 5-1/2" Q. KEY CTL. JOINT $1.49 272QKCJ712 7-1/2" Q. KEY CTL. JOINT $1.99 272QKCJ912 9-1/2" Q. KEY CTL. JOINT $2.29 272QKLTS12 12" Q. KEY LOCKING TAB STAKE .79 272QKLTS15 15" Q. KEY LOCKING TAB STAKE .89 272QKLTS18 18" Q. KEY LOCKING TAB STAKE .99 272QKLTS24 24" Q. KEY LOCKING TAB STAKE $1.19 272QKC2000 2000 QUICK KEY CAP .59 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 272PKCJ312 3-1/2" X 10' .89 272PKCJ412 4-1/2" X 10' .99 272PKCJ512 5-1/2" X 10' $1.59 272PKCJ712 7-1/2" X 10' $2.19 272PKCJ912 9-1/2" X 10' $3.59 272PKLSS12 12" TAB STAKE .59 272PKLSS15 15" TAB STAKE .89 272PKLSS18 18" TAB STAKE $1.19 272PKLSS24 24" TAB STAKE $1.49 725 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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