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Forming Systems SM FORMING SYSTEMS Cast-in-place, inverted, or precast forms: whether your application is standard or special, we have a system suited to your concrete operations. The all-steel design withstands the demands of repetitive casting operations, producing a smooth and accurate shape every time. Median Barrier Symons Steel-Ply is the most widely used and recongnized forming system in the world. More productive and economical than job-built lumber and plywood formwork, there is no measuring, sawing, drilling, or nailing required. Minimal training allows workers to quickly achieve maximum efficiency with only a hammer. Steel-Ply is an ideal transition for contractors from wood to modular forming technology. Steel-Ply The new Symons Sym-Ply Clamp System has been designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of today's construction projects. The simplicity of gang set-up, direct attachment to Steel-Ply, and 1500 PSF pour pressure rating, make Sym-Ply the most versatile clamp system in the market today. Sym-Ply Max-A-Form panels are constructed with a 3/16" steel face plate and heavy duty crossmembers to support higher pour rates and provide an exceptional finish. The rigidity of these panels virtually eliminates the need for waler or strongback requirements, and reduces the number of ties required. Max-A-Form Experience superior strength, durability, finish, and savings with the new all-steel Max-A-Form STS! With the highest pour pressure and self-spanning capacity combination on the market, it is ideal for columns, tall walls, bridge caps, and other self-spanning applications. 100% compatible with current Max-A-Form accessories. Max-A-Form STS This all-steel system gives you all the strength and versatility of integral 4" deep vertical stiffeners with a 3/16" steel skin plate in a rated 1000 PSF system. A wide variety of sizes allows more forming felxibility. The right combination of panels means fewer pieces, fewer panel joints, and less labor to assemble. Flex-Form Form almost any civil or commercial concrete column with this adjustable, all-steel form system. It is designed for square and rectangular columns up to 48" wide. Forming a variety of column dimensions using identical panels minimizes equipment, provides versatility, and improves productivity. Adjustable Column Symons Aluminum Beam Gang offers an extremely high strength-to-weight forming system. The unique beam attachment clips, sturdy aluminum beams, and steel walers combine to create a rigid, compact, and lightweight gangform system. Easy for crews to assemble, position, and align. Aluminum Beam Gang The all-steel Street Smart Forming System is ideally suited for applications that include sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutters, pavements, footings, and industrial slabs. Standard forms are available in 10' lengths, with heights ranging from 4" to 24", for almost any straight edge forming condition. Street Smart Architectural concrete saves time, labor, and materials by providing both the structure and finished appearance in one operation. This combination speeds the entire construction process and minimizes cost. Choose from standard patterns or create your own to create an attractive concrete appearance. Formliner 714 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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