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BRACKETS REINFOrCING BARS ACCESSORIES SM SINGLE WALER BRACKET Heavy-gauge steel !! o May be used horizontally, vertically, and inverted !! o High resistance to rust and corrosion !! o Installable either before or after walers are placed, with unique waler alignment feature !! o Can be used with battered, curved and rounded walls, and various beam forms !! o Eliminates hazard of toe-nailed walers separating from the studs PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 25120220 2" X 6" $1.79 505VWB24 2" X 4" $6.99 25115100 2" X 4" $6.89 A89 JAHN SCAFFOLD JACK All-steel unit designed to fit 24" x 24" and 16" x 24" tie and waler spacing !! o Built-in guard rail receptacle !! o Designed to hold two 2x10 planks for a comfortable work platform !! o Attaches to two "A" brackets with the horizontal rod !! o Nailing holes at top and bottom to secure in place !! o 8'-0" maximum spacing PRODUCT NO. PRICE 505JSJ $109.99 JAHN "A" BRACKET !! o High-strength steel with a cad-plated eccentric and painted body !! o 5/8" eccentric compensates for minor lumber variations !! o Can hold a horizontal wale or vertical stud with any wall form PRODUCT NO. PRICE 505JAB $5.79 JAHN "C" BRACKET !! o Designed for use with single 2x4 studs, double 2x4 wales and 8-1/4" L&W snap ties to attach vertical strongbacks to the form !! o Can also be used with double wales to support a horizontal plywood joint PRODUCT NO. PRICE 505JCB $6.69 FORM ALIGNER CLAMP Use with single 2x4 strongbacks for vertical or horizontal form alignment !! o Can be installed after form erection at any point on the form !! o Not limited by form-tie spacing !! o Sturdy galvanized construction !! o Speedy installation !! o Not used for strengthening forms PRODUCT NO. PRICE 251NB001 $11.39 ROD CLAMP !! o Designed to tie forms when unusual conditions exist !! o Common applications include battered walls or foundations of unusual widths where snap ties are not practical !! o Used in conjunction with mild steel pencil rod PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 251RC14 1/4" ROD CLAMP $5.79 435PRB14 1/4" PENCIL ROD CLAMP $5.89 PENCIL ROD Mild steel !! o Smooth rod used in conjunction with rod clamps or form clamps for various form tying applications PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 435PR1410 1/4" X 10' CFQ SOLD PER FOOT PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 435PR14 1/4" CFQ 435PR1420 3/4" CFQ STANDARD WEDGE !! o Use with pins to tighten adjoining concrete forms, securing the ties and form in place PRODUCT NO. PRICE 378WEDGE .39 SCAFFOLD JACK Built-in guard rail receptacle !! o Receives 2x4 guard rail !! o Integral to the Single Waler Forming System !! o Replaces external scaffolding when forming walls over 8' high !! o Suitable for walers spaced up to 24" apart PRODUCT NO. PRICE 25115300 $112.69 FORM ALIGNER BRACE Designed specifically to brace and align typical wall forms !! o Structural angle iron with nail holes allows attachment to 2x4 or 2x6, extending overall length of the brace !! o Steel toe plate is designed with both rail holes and a center hole for use with a round steel stake !! o Center turn buckle uses self-cleaning coil threads for quick and easy adjustment PRODUCT NO. PRICE 24921105 $19.99 brace ms nail o 2x4 ength with r hole stake ment PRICE $19.99 708 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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