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Page Header Goes Here PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 128CF12SFF $16.09 128CF14SFF $17.49 128CF16SFF $23.49 128CF18SFF $25.89 128CF20SFF $27.29 128CF24SFF $37.09 128CF28SFF $35.59 128CF30SFF $43.49 128CF36SFF $74.59 128CF42SFF CFQ !! o Save up to 50% in labor and material* Number of columns poured Total cost with standard concrete forms Total cost with Sonotube Finish Free forms Total savings possible 50 $17,250 $9,900 $7,350 100 $34,500 $19,800 $14,700 200 $69,000 $39,600 $29,400 500 $172,500 $99,000 $73,500 * Based on costs per column foot of $2.50 for patch material and .75 hours of grinding and finishing labor at $27 per hour including benefits. Calculate your potential savings Standard concrete forms Sonotube Finish Free forms Form cost each- Length of one form (in feet) x form price per foot: Patch material cost per column- Material cost per foot x length of column (in feet) $0.00 Finishing cost per column- Multiply man hours per foot x labor rate x length of column (in feet): $0.00 Total cost per column- Total of above 3: Number of columns in the project: Total cost of columns- Multiply total cost per column x number of columns Your potential savings- Subtract Finish Free form total from standard form total The Concrete Form That Makes Your Column Look As Smooth As Marble Sonotube Finish Free forms give you a glassy smooth, Class A finish while you are pouring! No cladding needed. And a built-in StripCord stripping filament enables mar-free form removal that's faster, easier, safer and smarter than using a circ saw. Forget about costly grinding, patching or manual finishing. You can eliminate: Release agent Circular saw Trowel Grout or patch material Grinding equipment and discs ?J CONCRETE FORMS Standard form column Finish Free form column PRODUCT NO. DIAMETER PRICE 128CF12SFF 12" $16.09 128CF14SFF 14" $17.49 128CF16SFF 16" $23.49 128CF18SFF 18" $25.89 128CF20SFF 20" $27.29 128CF24SFF 24" $37.09 128CF28SFF 28" $35.59 128CF30SFF 30" $43.49 128CF36SFF 36" $74.59 128CF42SFF 42" CFQ 699 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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