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SM anchor bolts SB ANCHOR BOLT Code listed by ICC-ES under the 2006 and 2009 IBC and IRC to meet the requirements of ICC-ES acceptance criteria !! o Identification on the bolt head showing embedment angle and model !! o Sweep geometry to optimize position in form !! o Rolled thread for higher tensile capacity !! o Hex nuts and plate washer fixed in position !! o Available in HDG for additional corrosion resistance SSWAB ANCHOR BOLTS Offer flexibility to meet specific project demands !! o Inspection is easy; the head is stamped with a "No Equal" symbol for identification, bolt length, bolt diameter, and optional "HS" for High Strength if specified !! o An additional nut for template installation is provided with each SSWAB PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 137SB5824HDG 5/8" X 24" HDG $22.39 137SB1X30W 1" X 30" $37.49 137SB1X30HDG 1" X 30" HDG $56.09 PRODUCT NO. LENGTH PRICE 137AB124HS 24" $27.99 137SSWAB130H 30" $39.09 137AB136HS 36" $35.99 DOWNLOAD OUR FREE MOBILE APP! USE OUR MOBILE WEBSITE ON ANY SMART DEVICE - NO APP REQUIRED! SHOP RESEARCH, SHOP AND ORDER WITH JUST A FEW CLICKS PROMOTIONS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR MOST CURRENT PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL OFFERS CONCRETE CALCULATOR CALCULATE YOUR MOST COMMON CONCRETE NEEDS LOCATIONS ALL OF HD SUPPLY WHITE CAP'S LOCATIONS, MAPS AND DIRECTIONS QUICKLY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS SIGN UP FOR AN ONLINE ACCOUNT FOR EXCLUSIVE DEALS! 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 694

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