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AnchorS column base POST caps GLB BEAM SEATS Provides a connection between beam and concrete or CMU pilaster !! o Finish: Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint, hot-dip galvanized available. Specify HDG PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137GLB5A $57.79 LCB/CB COLUMN BASES Installs with (2) 5/8 in. diameter machine bolts !! o A heavy-duty connection between column and concrete !! o Tested performance !! o Hot-dipped galvanized coating available for added corrosion resistance PURLIN ANCHOR Dual embedment line allows installation in concrete or concrete block !! o 12 gauge !! o Must hook around rebar !! o Galvanized (HDG) or ZMAX MUDSILL ANCHOR For stem wall or slab foundations !! o One piece so there are no more nuts and washers to lose PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137MAB15Z $1.09 HETA20 EMBEDDED TRUSS ANCHOR The embedded truss anchor series provides an engineered method to properly attach roof trusses to concrete and masonry walls PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137HETA20 $1.39 POST CAPS Pack of 10 !! o Do not install bolts into pilot holes !! o 16 gauge galvanized steel !! o Also available with ZMAX coating !! o For end conditions, specify EPC post caps ating SSTB ANCHOR BOLT The SSTB anchor bolt is designed for maximum performance as an anchor bolt for holdowns and Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Wall shearwalls !! o Identification on the bolt head showing embedment angle and model !! o Offset angle reduces side bursting, and provides more concrete cover !! o Rolled thread for higher tensile capacity !! o Stamped embedment line aids installation !! o Available in HDG for additional corrosion resistance MASA MUDSILL ANCHOR Time-saving alternative to anchor bolts !! o Mounts easily on forms before the pour !! o Code listed by ICC-ES under the 2006, 2009 and 2012 IBC and IRC PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137MASA MASA MUDSILL ANCHOR 137MASAZ MASAZ ZMAX MUDSILL ANCHOR 137MAS MAS MUDSILL ANCHOR PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137SSTB28 SSTB28 ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB20HDG SSTB20 HDG ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB16 SSTB16 ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB20 SSTB20 ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB16HDG SSTB16 HDG ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB24L SSTB24L LONG ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB28LHD SSTB28L HDG LONG ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB24 SSTB24 ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB28HDG SSTB28 HDG ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB24HDG SSTB24 HDG ANCHOR BOLT 137SSTB34 SSTB34 ANCHOR BOLT PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137EPC6416 4X6 MIN. POST SIZE, 4-16D BEAM FLANGE 137EPC6616 6X6 MIN. POST SIZE, 6-16D BEAM FLANGE 137EPC4416 4X4 MIN. POST SIZE, 4-16D BEAM FLANGE 137PC6616 6X6 MIN. POST SIZE, 6-16D BEAM FLANGE 137PC4416 4X4 MIN. POST SIZE, 6-16D BEAM FLANGE 137PC4616 4X6 MIN. POST SIZE, 6-16D BEAM FLANGE PRODUCT NO. SIZE 137PA51 2-1/6" X 51" 137PA28 2-1/6" X 32-1/2" PRODUCT NO. SIZE 137CB88 7-1/2" X 7-1/2" X 8" 137CB66 5-1/2" X 5-1/2" X 8" 137CB44 3-9/16" X 5-1/2" X 6-1/2" WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 689 2 G

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