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SM baseS HOLDOWNS HANGERS TENSION TIES S/HDS HOLDOWNS The S/HDS series of holdowns installs with #14 screws and has been designed to utilize fewer fasteners to reduce installation time !! o Anchor bolt washer is not required !! o Can be welded per designer's recommendation and specification PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137SHD8S $38.59 CBSQ COLUMN BASES Uses Simpson Strong-Tie Strong- Drive SDS screws, enabling fast installation, reduced reveal and high-load capacity !! o Provides a greater net section area of the column compared to bolts ADJUSTABLE AND STANDOFF POST BASE The AB is an adjustable post base which offers moisture protection and finished hardware appearance HFN/F PANELIZED CONSTRUCTION HANGERS Designed for panels or components using jigs or similar devices for precision fabrication !! o Grip-groove feature provides positive lock into the 2x or 3x member without nailing !! o F series panel hangers are engineered components for panelized construction only !! o Dimensions: 1-9/16" x 5-3/8" x 1-1/4" !! o 18 gauge !! o Galvanized PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137HF26N $1.59 S/HTT TENSION TIES A single-piece formed tension tie - no rivets, and a 4-ply formed seat !! o Ideal for retrofit or new construction projects !! o They provide high-strength, post-pour, concrete-to-steel connections !! o No washers are required !! o Galvanized finish PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137SHTT14 $24.69 PBS66 6" X 6" POSTBASE WITH STANDOFF Use with 16d fasteners, 1/2" bolts !! o 12 gauge strap and base !! o 5-1/2"w x 5-3/8"l x 6-1/2"h !! o Zinc galvanized finish containing 0.90 ounces of zinc per square foot of surface area (total both sides) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137PBS66 $21.59 PB44 4 X 4 POSTBASE WET SET Use with 16d fasteners !! o 12 gauge !! o 3-9/16"W x 3-1/4"L !! o Zinc galvanized finish containing 0.90 oz. of zinc per square foot of surface area (total both sides) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137PB44 $7.19 PRICE $24 69 ERS lock ng n only ANDOFF e ce PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137ABU46 3-9/16" X 5" X 7" 137ABU66Z 5-1/2" X 5" X 6-1/16" ZMAX 137ABU44Z 3-9/16" X 3" X 5-1/2" ZMAX 137ABU88 7-1/2" X 7" X 7" 137ABU66 5-1/2" X 5" X 6-1/16" 137ABU44 3-9/16" X 3" X 5-1/2" PRODUCT NO. SIZE 137CBSQ88 8X8 137CBSQ66 6X6 137CBSQ44 4X4 SIZE 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 688

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