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SM ties straps STRAP TIE HOLDOWN Embedded strap-tie holdown offering high-load capacity and a staggered nail pattern to help minimize splitting !! o The nailing pattern allows for nailing to the edges of double 2x's !! o Strap nail slots are countersunk to provide a lower nail head profile !! o The slots below the embedment line enable increased front-to-back concrete bond and help to reduce spalling !! o Rim joist models accommodate up to a 17" clear span without any loss of strap nailing COUNTERSUNK STRAP TIES 16 gauge !! o Use with 16d sinkers !! o Zinc galvanized finish containing 0.90 ounces of zinc per square foot of surface area (total both sides) !! o Coined edges ensure safer handling HIGH TENSION TIE 11 gauge !! o Optimized nailing pattern gives better performance with less deflection !! o Resists tension loads fastened with nails !! o 7/16" Seat thickness and 5/8" anchor bolt diameter !! o Use with 10d x 1-1/2" or 16d x 2-1/2" fasteners RPS STRAP TIES Designed to help resist tension loads !! o Fasten where plates or soles are cut, at wall intersections or as a ridge tie !! o Loads based on minimum member thickness of 4" !! o Staggered nail pattern !! o Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance !! o Install with (12) 16d common nails LIGHT TENSION TIES The entire line of tension ties has been tested and evaluated to the requirements of AC155 !! o The LTT19 is designed for 2x joists or purlins and the LTT20B is for nail- or bolt-on applications !! o The 3" nail spacing makes the LTT20B suitable for wood I-joists with 10d x 1-1/2 !! o The LTTI31 is designed for wood chord open web truss attachments to concrete or masonry walls and may also be installed vertically on a minimum 2x6 stud e PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137LTTI31 LTTI31 TENSION TIE 137LTT20B LTT20B TENSION TIE 137LTT19 LTT19 TENSION TIE PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137RPS22 RPS22 STRAP TIE 137RPS18 RPS18 STRAP TIE PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 137STHD10 24-5/8" STANDARD 137LSTHD8 18-5/8" STANDARD (NEW) 137STHD14 26-1/8" STANDARD 137STHD8 18-5/8" STANDARD (OLD) 137STHD10RJ 24-5/8" RIM JOIST 137STHD14RJ 24-5/8" RIM JOIST PRODUCT NO. SIZE 137MSTC28 3" X 28-1/4" 137MSTC40 3" X 40-1/4" 137MSTC52 3" X 52-1/4" 137MSTC66 3" X 65-3/4" 137MSTC78 3" X 77-3/4" PRODUCT NO. SIZE 137HTT4 2-1/2" W X 16" L X 1-3/8" CL 137HTT5 2-1/2" W X 12-3/8" L X 1-3/8" CL IPTION 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 684

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