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SM Your Complete Suspension Package POST BASES & SPECIAL FITTINGS MISCELLANEOUS & SPECIAL FITTINGS "U" FITTINGS & BRACES ANGLE FITTINGS FLATPLATE FITTINGS WING FITTINGS CLEVIS FITTINGS TROLLEYS INSERTS & ENDCAPS HARDWARE SPRINGNUTS BRACKETS & SUPPORT SYSTEMS CHANNELS PROFILES AND CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Strut Pose Base - Single, Double - Low, High Profile - Stainless, Poly Urethane 1 - 3 Holes 2 - 4 Bearings Continuous Concrete Inserts 7-Hole Single Post Base Diagonal 8-Hole Single Post Base Diagonal 8-Hole Double Post Base 7-Hole Single Post Base 12-Hole Double Post Base 10-Hole Single Post Base 2-Hole Adjustable Corner Angle 2-Hole Adjustable Corner Angle 2-Hole Offset Angle 3-Hole Offset Bent Tee 5-Hole Offset Bent Tee 2-Hole Z-Angle 2-Hole Duct Angle 4-Hole Tapped Z-Angle 3-Hole Sheath Corner Connector 3-Hole Adjustable Z-Angle 8-Hole Double Wing Connector 9-Hole Triple Wing Connector 8-Hole Double Corner Connector Square Washer Non-Turn Square Washer 2-Hole Flat Plate Connector 4-Hole Splice Plate 4-Hole Splice Plate 3-Hole Splice Plate 3-Hole Splice Plate 2-Hole Swivel Plate 5-Hole Connector Plate 3-Hole Flat Angle Plate 3-Hole Corner Connector 3-Hole Corner Connector 4-Hole Tee Plate 4-Hole Corner Joiner Plate 5-Hole Cross Plate 4-Hole Connector Plate 4-Hole Corner Connector Plate 5-Hole Connector Plate 5-Hole Corner Connector Plate 7-Hole Connector Plate 6-Hole Tee Corner Connector 6-Hole Staggered Connector 1-Hole Corner Angle 2-Hole Corner Angle 2-Hole Offset Angle 2-Hole No-Twist Corner Angle 3-Hole Corner Angle 3-Hole Corner Angle 3-Hole Corner Shelf Angle 4-Hole Joint Connector Angle 4-Hole Duplex Corner Plate 4-Hole Corner Angle 5-Hole Corner Angle 5-Hole Joint Connector Angle 2-Hole Closed Angle 4-Hole Open Angle 2-Hole Open Angle 4-Hole Closed Angle 3-Hole Z-Angle 3-Hole Single Angle Connector 6-Hole Single Angle Connector 4-Hole Double Angle Connector 8-Hole Double Angle Connector 5-Hole Double Wing Connector 10-Hole Double Corner Connector 6-Hole Triple Wing Connector 12-Hole Triple Wing Connector 5-Hole Single Angle Connector 3-Hole Adjustable Z-Angle No Spring Short Spring Regular Spring Long Spring Top Spring 6-Hole Stair Support 6-Hole Stair Support Single Strut Flat Plate Brackets 3-Hole Wall Brackets Down Open Strut Brackets Make Your Own Single Bracket Supports Make Your Own Double Bracket Supports Up Open No Swivel Strut Bracket 3-Hole U Support 3-Hole Splice Channel 4-Hole Splice Channel 2-Hole Splice Channel Strut Brace 2-Hole Clevis Fitting 3-Hole Clevis Fitting 3-Hole Suspension Clevis Fitting 4-Hole Suspension Clevis Fitting *Note: Profiles shown smaller than actual size 1-5/8" 13/16" 7/8" 1-5/8" 3-1/4" X 1-5/8" 12 Gauge Back to Back Strut 14 Gauge 12 Gauge 3-1/4" 2-7/16" 1-3/8" 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 672

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