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SM Fuel Cells Pins Gas Actuated Fasteneing Tools CONCRETE PIN WITH T3 FUEL CELL For use with T3MAG (sold separately) !! o Pin diameter: 0.125, 1,000 per box ely) TRAKFAST PLATED LATHING DISC Diameter: 1" !! o Material: steel !! o Type: lathing disc !! o Grit: 22 !! o Carton quantity: 1,000 !! o Product weight: 0.0097 lbs. !! o Magnetic nose sold separately PRODUCT NO. PRICE 184LD100 $73.49 3/8" HOLE STRAP WITH 3/4" PLATED PIN Gas assemblies !! o 200 per pack N PRODUCT NO. PRICE 18438HSMP034 $93.79 T3 FASTENING GUN 10 times faster than anchoring - 5 times faster than powder !! o No license required !! o So quiet you can work in tenant-occupied buildings !! o Fastens into concrete, hollow block, pan deck, and steel without changing power or color loads !! o Interchangeable nosepiece shoots a variety of new fasteners !! o QuicKonnect Fuel System replaces conventional powder loads and drives more than 1,000 pins !! o Magnetic nose piece for mechanical pins and accessories PRODUCT NO. PRICE 184T3SS $787.49 TRAKFAST STANDARD FUEL/PIN PACK For high-volume, repetitive fastenings to concrete !! o 1,000 pins 1 fuel cell per box RAMSET-I-F CONCRETE PIN Insulfast washer with concrete pin and fuel !! o Available in sizes to accommodate insulation 1" - 6" !! o 4X faster than stick pins and safer than gun powder !! o Fasten continuous insulation directly to concrete, hollow block, steel studs, and wood !! o Integrated cap allows for 99.5% thermal efficiency PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 184T3012 1/2" PIN 184T3034B 3/4" BLACK PIN 184T3034S 3/4" STEEL PIN 184T3012S 1/2" STEEL STEP PIN PRODUCT NO. PRICE/BOX 184IFC200 $497.09 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 184FPP034B 3/4" BLACK PIN 184FPP012 1/2" PIN 184FPP114T 1-1/4" PLATED PIN 184FPP012S 1/2" STEP SHANK PIN 184FPP034S 3/4" STEP SHANK PIN 184FPP034T 3/4" TRAKFAST BREAKAWAY PIN 184FPP100T 1" TRAKFAST BREAKAWAY PIN 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 666

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