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Disc Loads Strip Loads Actuated Fastening Tools T3MAG 45 PIN MAGAZINE TOOL One-step fuel injection gas tool !! o Higher stick rate !! o 25% more power !! o The .125 dia. pin is engineered to work in the toughest concrete and steel !! o Easy push down force !! o Deep leg track capacity reduces load time Includes: fuel cell, battery PRODUCT NO. PRICE 184T3MAG $934.49 L l COBRA POWDER ACTUATED FASTENER Economical semi-automatic, 2-1/2" pin capacity !! o .27 caliber, 10-shot strip loads, 3 (green), 4 (yellow), 5 (red) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 184COBRAIII $272.99 TF1200 TRAKFAST TOOL For use with TF1100/TF1200 (sold separately) !! o Three to five times faster than powder tools !! o 42 Pin magazine reduces load time !! o Less operator fatigue because there is no recoil !! o No licensing required !! o Narrow nose and profile allows tool to reach inside deep leg track easily !! o 2-year warranty Includes: fuel cell, battery PRODUCT NO. PRICE 184TF1200 $629.99 asily VIPER4 CEILING TOOL .27 caliper 10-shot strip tool !! o Automatic load advance consistently each time !! o Automatic piston return - no time spent manually resetting or cycling tool !! o Heavy duty buffer system !! o Open front-end design keeps your tool cleaner longer !! o Tool screws securely into the end of the extension pole PRODUCT NO. PRICE 184VIPER4 $419.99 PRODUCT NO. 84VIPER4 10-PIN COLLATED STRIPS FOR THE XT540 WITH MAGAZINE Embedment depth is easily identifiable by head stamps 1,000 per box 25CAL. LOAD DISCS 100 loads per package !! o For D60/D60L, D45/D45A and AutoFast !! o 3 power levels !! o 10 discs of 10 loads per package t PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 1844D60 YELLOW 1843D60 GREEN 1845D45 RED PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 184TE114XT 1-1/4 X .157 DIA $243.59 184TE012XT 1/2" X .157 DIA $297.49 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 663 1845 2 G

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