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SM anchoring ADHESIVES crack repair EUCO QWIKSTITCH Fast-setting crack and spall repair !! o Can be expanded with the use of dry sand aggregate !! o Convenient cartridges eliminate full unit mixing !! o Wide application temperature range: 0F to 115F (-17C to 46C) !! o Suitable for filling cracks in older floors !! o Repairs blend in with the concrete surface !! o Zero VOC; approved for use in USDA inspected facilities !! o Cures in 10 minutes at room temperature ilities EPOXY BONDING/COATING ADHESIVE 2100 High-Stength, two-part bonding adhesive !! o Bonds fresh or hardened concrete to hardened concrete !! o Mortar Repair Material when mixed with sand !! o Self-Leveling spall and patching material !! o Gravity feed crack repairs !! o Cementitious repair bonder ANCHORFIX-3001 Anchoring adhesive for cracked or uncracked concrete Also for use on hard natural stone, solid rock and masonry !! o Anchors without expansive forces !! o Fixing close to free edges !! o 21 ounce cartridge PRODUCT NO. PRICE 438456435 $30.79 ULTRABOND 2300 EPOXY Two component, 100% solids, structural epoxy for anchoring/doweling bonding and mortar repair !! o Long working time provides flexibility on the job !! o Anchoring threaded rod and rebar doweling where dynamic, vibratory or intermittent loads exist !! o Multiple DOT approvals EPCON A7 A7 acrylic adhesive !! o Fast dispensing, fast curing !! o Always works - even under the most severe installation conditions !! o Works in damp holes and underwater applications PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 129A710 10 OZ $25.39 129A728 28 OZ $37.29 EPCON G5 Virtually odorless, can be used indoors !! o The epoxy resin and hardener are completely mixed as they are dispensed from the dual cartridge through a static mixing nozzle, directly into the anchor hole !! o Can be used with threaded rod or rebar !! o The ONLY epoxy that has both an extended (15 minute) working time and a full cure in less than 2 hours r PRODUCT NO. PRICE 129G522 $27.79 DISPENSING SOLUTIONS TWIN CARTRIDGE EPOXY GUN 300 x 300ml, two-component model for 1:1 mix ratio and 2:1 mix ratio cartridges !! o High-Thrust 26:1 ratio drive for easy dispensing !! o Plastic snaps hold cartridges firmly !! o Sturdy construction for long life PRODUCT NO. PRICE 10456277 $93.59 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 579BUG2300 1GAL KIT $45.99 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 619693Q94 22 OZ. DUAL CARTRIDGE $59.09 619693Q92 9 OZ. DUAL CARTRIDGE $38.79 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 579BUG2100 1 GAL KIT 2100 MV EPOXY $52.99 579B2G2100 2GAL KIT ULTRABOND EPOXY $119.89 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 660

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