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anchoring ADHESIVES accessories EDTA22CKT BATTERY POWERED DISPENSING TOOL For 22 oz. adhesive cartridges !! o Features dosage and rate control !! o Fast 30-minute recharge !! o Easily converted to dispense 16/5 oz., 2:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives (conversion parts included) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EDTA22CKT $733.69 BATTERY-POWERED DISPENSING TOOL Power dispensing for larger jobs !! o Features dosage and rate control for maximum efficiency Includes: (2) 14.4V batteries, charger PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EDT22CKT $650.99 E-Z CLICK INJECTION PORTS Flush-mount injection ports for crack repair !! o Installs onto the end of the Opti-Mix mixing nozzle and clicks onto the E-Z-ClickTM ports during injection !! o Take the mess out of repair project Includes: 100 E-Z Click injection ports, 1 E-Z Click injection fitting roject PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EIPEZA $1.99 MANUAL DISPENSING TOOL Molded nylon reinforced body for strength and lightweight !! o For 8 ounce and 13 ounce cartridges !! o Cartridges "snap-lock" into position PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137ADT813S $101.99 STRONG-TIE MANUAL DISPENSING TOOL Manual dispensing tool for 22 ounce adhesive cartridges !! o 26:1 thrust ratio !! o Double-gripping plates eliminates drive rod slippage !! o Cartridges snap into place !! o All steel construction PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EDT22S $109.29 BRUSHES For cleaning drilled holes prior to adhesive anchor installation !! o Twisted wire handle with nylon bristles !! o 1" X 4" brush with 16" overall length PNEUMATIC DISPENSING TOOL Ideal for high-volume applications calling for many anchors or dowels !! o For 22 ounce cartridges !! o Handle includes a flow rate adjustment !! o The EDTA22P has an ergonomically designed nylon handle with a flow-rate adjustment dial PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EDTA22P $819.09 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EDTA22P $819 09 , g es (conversion parts included) RODUCT NO. PRIC 37EDTA22CKT $733 6 EMN22IB MIXING NOZZLES Simpson Strong-Tie adhesive mixing nozzles with integrated nut !! o An 18-element mixing nozzle for use with 22 ounce and 56 ounce Simpson Strong-Tie PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137EMN22IB $4.49 CIP CRACK INJECTION PASTE OVER Fast-curing, two-part epoxy paste-over materials !! o Seals cracks and secures injection ports over concrete !! o Can be peeled off at the completion of crack injection !! o 22 ounce cartridge PRODUCT NO. PRICE 137CIPF22 $105.79 ction PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 137ETB6 3/4" X 4" X 16" $8.59 137ETB8 1" X 4" X 16" $9.79 137ETB10 1-1/4" X 4" X 29" $11.79 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 657 2 G

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