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NAILS NAIL FINISHES Bright Almost all nails in this catalog are shown with specifications as "smooth finish" nails, which have a natural, uncoated steel finish Blued Nails are sterilized so they are non-toxic Electro Galvanized An electronic process which coats the nails with a smooth, thin layer of rust-inhibiting zinc. Not recommended for exterior use Tempered Hardened A heat treating process which hardens the outer surface of steel nails Hot Dipped Galvanized A hot tumbling process which coats the nail with a heavy layer of zinc to provide the best corrosion resistance possible. Also enhances holding power. Hot galvanized nails are for most exposed nailing applica- tions. Hot galvanized nails are hot dip galvanized to ASTM A-153 Vinyl Coated This coating eases nail driving and provides greater holding power. Ideal for automatic nailing machines as the finish will not flake Cement Coated A resin coating which provides short-term holding power Stainless Steel Small head and body and a smooth shank. These nails have a blunt point to minimize splitting The following is a brief explanation of the nail types and nail finishes that are available at all HD Supply White Cap locations. Most of the following nail types come in bulk or collated. FLAT HEAD - Standard Used in most nail applications. Comes with different finishes ROOFING - Coils White Cap sells these nails in coils for use in collated nail guns. Typically a shorter nail with a wide head JOIST HANGER - For Simpson Strong-Tie wood to wood connectors. Comes with or without barbed shank FINISH - Countersunk Cupped Head Used in a variety of applications including fine carpentry BRAD - Use in Pneumatic Nailers Used in fine carpentry. Comes in collated strips for pneumatic tools SCREW SHANK - For Shock Loads or where extremely high holding power is required. Screw nails engage the wood fibers and are difficult to remove RING SHANK - For Shock Loads or where extremely high holding power is required. Ring nails engage the wood fibers and are very difficult to remove DUPLEX HEAD - Removable Used in concrete form work or where a temporary hold is necessary BARBED NAIL - For Plywood Creates better holding power. Great for plywood applications TILE NAIL - For Clay Roofing Tiles Long shank is sturdy enough to insert through pre-drilled Spanish tile. Nail will not go all the way through the hole GRIP-CAP - For Anchoring Materials Creates better holding power, for use with housewrap, sheathing, and felt SPIKE - For Securing Materials Used on railroad ties, landscaping timbers and thick members for log home construction NAIL I.D. CHART COATED SINKER NAILS Available in 5 lb. boxes and 50 lb. cartons !! o Sinker nails with a special vinyl coating to give them extra holding power and acts as a lubricant when nailing SMOOTH BOX NAILS Available in 5 lb. boxes and 50 lb. cartons !! o Narrower shank than common nails and are preferred for form setting and nailing thin material where splitting can occur !! o Large flat head and diamond point ELECTRO GALVANIZED BOX NAILS Available in 5 lb. boxes and 50 lb. cartons !! o These general purpose nails are electro galvanized to resist rusting !! o Very popular with contractors for use on exterior woodwork such as patio covers, walk decks, exposed siding, fencing, etc. PRODUCT NO. SIZE LENGTH WEIGHT 15104DEG50 4D 1-1/2" 50 LB. 15105DEG50 5D 1-3/4" 50 LBS. 15106DEG05 6D 2" 5 LBS. 15106DEG50 6D 2" 50 LBS. 15108DEG05 8D 2-1/2" 5 LBS. 15108DEG50 8D 2-1/2" 50 LBS. 15110DEG50 10D 3" 50 LBS. 15116DEG05 16D 3-1/2" 5 LBS. 15116DEG50 16D 3-1/2" 50 LBS. 15120DEG50 20D 4" 50 LBS. PRODUCT NO. SIZE LENGTH WEIGHT 1516DGV50 6D 2" 50 LBS. 15190805 8D 2-3/8" 5 LBS. 15190850 8D 2-3/8" 50 LBS. 15191605 16D 3-1/4" 5 LBS. 15191650 16D 3-1/4" 50 LBS. PRODUCT NO. SIZE LENGTH WEIGHT 15160450 4D 1-1/2" 50 LBS. 15160605 6D 2" 5 LBS. 15160650 6D 2" 50 LBS. 15160750 7D 2-1/4" 50 LBS. 15160805 8D 2-1/2" 5 LBS. 15160850 8D 2-1/2" 50 LBS. 15161050CC 10D 3" 50 LBS. 15161650 16D 3-1/2" 50 LBS. 15162050 20D 4" 50 LBS. WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING 631 minimize sp s littin 2 G

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