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fire protection SM 3M FIRE BLOCK FOAM FB-FOAM Heat-resistant up to 240 F (115 C) !! o ASTM E 84 Class 1 (modified) !! o Thermal insulator - R-Value of 4 to 5 per inch typical !! o Meets International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) fireblocking requirements !! o 12 fluid ounces INTERAM ENDOTHERMIC MAT E-5A-4 Releases chemically bound water to cool the assembly when exposed to high temperatures to protect structural steel, cable trays, and circuits in conduits !! o Up to 4-hour protection for structural steel (ASTM E 119), 3-hour electrical circuit protection (ASTM E 1725), and 2-hour protection for wall opening membranes (UL 1479) !! o Easily cuts to size and flexible - install in new applications or directly over existing fire protection !! o 24.5" x 20' roll PRODUCT NO. PRICE 479E5A4 $860.99 ), p ) PRICE $860.99 3M FIRE BARRIER DUCT WRAP 615+ Fire-resistant wrap !! o Lightweight, thin and flexible for easier application !! o Third-party certified to ASTM E 2336 (grease ducts test standard) and ISO 6944 (air duct test standard) !! o Supports maximum temperature of up to 2,192F (1,200C) !! o 2 layers for grease ducts, 1 layer for air ducts !! o Approved for grease duct applications by ICC-ES, ESR-1255 2 hour fire protection PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 479DW61524P 1.5" X 24" X 25' $284.19 479DW61548P 1.5" X 48" X 25' $564.39 5 GAL. FIREDAM SPRAY 200 A quick and easy method for firestopping fire-rated construction joints !! o High coverage rate reduces installation time !! o Applied with conventional airless spray equipment !! o Paintable when cured, easy clean-up with water !! o Provides up to a 4-hour fire rating !! o 50% movement capabilities !! o Available colors: Gray, Red PRODUCT NO. COLOR SIZE PRICE 479FDS200 GRAY 5 GAL. $252.79 479FDS200R RED 5 GAL. $252.79 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 47940056149 $12.19 FIRE BARRIER RC-1 RESTRICTING COLLAR Works in conjunction with 3M FS-195+ Wrap/Strip or 3M Interam Ultra GS to firestop plastic pipes up to 10" in diameter !! o 28 gauge steel !! o Convenient 25 ft. roll PRODUCT NO. PRICE 4793MRC12 $60.89 THERMAFIBER SAFING 4" X 24" X 48" !! o Mineral wool PRODUCT NO. PRICE 336TAF42448 $78.95 FIRE BARRIER PLENUM WRAP 5A+ Lightweight wrap provides a flexible, non-combustible enclosure for cables and pipes in return air plenums !! o Tested to ASTM 84, NFPA 262 (UL 910) and UL 1887 !! o Strong, lightweight and flexible material !! o 24" x 50' roll PRODUCT NO. PRICE 479PW5A24 $371.09 FIRE BLOCK SEALANT FB 136 Brings residential and combustible construction to fireblocking code !! o No-sag formula !! o Tack-free in 15 minutes !! o Heat-resistant up to 2,000 F (1,093.3 C) !! o Halogen-free for lower environmental impact !! o Easy clean-up with water and routine disposal PRODUCT NO. PRICE 479FB13611 $6.49 FIRE BARRIER PACKING MATERIAL Bulk packing material for through-penetration firestop systems !! o Convenient, hand-tear dispensing !! o 4" X 20.5' PRODUCT NO. PRICE 479PM4BULK $20.09 MINERAL WOOL 4" x 24" x 48" Safing Insulation for Firestops and Fire-Containment Systems !! o Non-combustible, lightweight and water repellent !! o Use on perimeter gaps between concrete floor slabs and exterior wall systems, around conduit pipe and duct openings, through walls and floor slabs, between fire walls and ceiling slabs PRODUCT NO. PRICE 479MW4424 $64.79 lastic 620 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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