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egress system windows wells covers TM STEEL SAFETY GRATES Provides protection from accidental falls and helps keep debris and pests out !! o Manufactured milled steel and powder coated with an attractive copper vein finish !! o Flat poly-carbonate cover can be added !! o Other sizes available upon request STIF BACK II WELL The strongest well you can buy (Don't let the attractive finish fool you) !! o Deep corrugations in the rust-resistant galvanized steel !! o Standard single-piece sizes range up to 6' wide by 6' high; custom-order wells range up to 9' high !! o 3/4" top edge roll !! o Available in a plain galvanized finish and in sandalwood or white over galvanizing !! o Other sizes available in both white and sandalwood POUR-IN-PLACE STEEL FRAME !! o Factory-welded corners add squareness and durability !! o Patented frame design bonds firmly to concrete !! o Wells screw onto frames without drilling for quick installation !! o Choose galvanized, white or sandalwood finishes PRODUCT NO. SIZE WIDTH 53440408 40" X 40" 8" 53450408 50" X 40" 8" FLAT PLASTIC COVERS FOR "EASY-WELLS" Made of a polycarbonate plastic !! o Keeps debris, animals, and excess water out of the Easy-Well !! o Designed to be used along with the safety grate TM VINYL PRO WINDOW So much quality, it deserves to be framed !! o The heat-welded multi-chambered frame and lift-out sash hold their shape and keep out moisture !! o 3/4" low-E or gas-filled glass saves energy !! o Windows mount securely !! o Available in sizes up to 6' wide by 5' high !! o Clean lines complement a finished basement PREMIER V VINYL SLIDER Great looks and energy efficiency meet ease of installation !! o Frames run the full basement wall width !! o Both removable sash come fully weather-stripped !! o Frames with removable wood bracing stay square during and after the pour-in-place foundation work !! o Two glazing options: insulating glass clear or low-E with argon gas !! o Sash slide smoothly on brass rollers and can be locked !! o Great for a retro-fit application TM ELITE SERIES - EGRESS WINDOW WELL 66" wide x 44" projection; tan color !! o One-piece rigid composite construction !! o Rust and rot proof, UV Resistant !! o Easy light weight installation by hand, no cranes required Includes: Built-in steps for easy egress ss PRODUCT NO. SIZE DESCRIPTION 5345224BKGR 52" X 24" WINDOW SAFETY GRATE 5345236BKGR 52" X 36" WINDOW SAFETY GRATE 5345636BKGR 56" X 36" WINDOW SAFETY GRATE 5346436BKGR 64" X 36" WINDOW SAFETY GRATE 5346836BKGR 68" X 36" WINDOW SAFETY GRATE 5342605636 56" X 36" FLAT PLASTIC COVER AREA WELL PRODUCT NO. SIZE 5342605236 52" X 36" 5342607636 76" X 36" PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 5344040VI 4040 48" X 48" 5345040VI 5040 60" X 48" PRODUCT NO. SIZE WIDTH 53470118 40" X 40" 10" PRODUCT NO. SIZE 534493660SB2 49" X 60" X 36" 534493672SB2 49" X 72" X 36" 534552460SWS 55" X 24" X 60" 534553660SB2 55" X 60" X 36" 53496615RGY 55" X 36" X 60" 534553660SWS 55" X 36" X 60" PRODUCT NO. SIZE 534553672SB2 55" X 72" X 36" 534613660SB2 61" X 60" X 36" 534613672SB2 61" X 72" X 36" 534673660SB2 67" X 60" X 36" 534673672SB2 67" X 72" X 36" PRODUCT NO. HEIGHT 534WET664472 72" 534WET664460 60"" 613 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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