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CONCRETE CURING BLANKETS HYDRACURE S16 BLANKET Ideal for a wide range of weather conditions, HydraCure covers provide optimal hydration for proper curing at an affordable price !! o Provides more than a six percent material savings per 2' (.6 meters) of roll width and minimize installation time. !! o Reduce cracking, crazing, scaling, dusting and pop-outs !! o Increase concrete strength and durability BURLAP CURING BLANKETS Allows periodic lapses in the sprinkling method of curing and insures uniform dispersion !! o Can also be used to roughen fresh concrete surfaces by wet-dragging WHITE BURLENE CURING BLANKET Combines poly and burlap !! o Reusable !! o Burlap layer distributes water evenly while the white opaque poly reflects the intense rays of the sun !! o Need no rewetting or resealing !! o After each use, expose burlap side to the sun or air and the burlap will dry and be ready-to-use again quickly. COTTON CURING BLANKET !! o Easy, economical, and effective way to maintain proper moisture during the concrete curing process PRODUCT NO. SIZE 483CURELAP 10' X 100' PRODUCT NO. SIZE WEIGHT 483CUREBLKT 5' X 22' 15 LBS. PRODUCT NO. SIZE WEIGHT 262BURLAP40 3.3' X 300' 10 OZ./SQ.YD 483BURLAP30 10' X 30' 6.5 OZ./SQ.YD 262403007OZ 3.3' X 300' 7 OZ./SQ.YD 262BURLAP 3' X 300' 8 OZ./SQ.YD PRODUCT NO. SIZE WEIGHT 435HCBS16381 10.5' X 381' 67 LBS 611 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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