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poly sheeting poly tape CUring Blankets SM CONCRETE CURING BLANKETS !! o These blankets are designed to provide better insulation by trapping heat generated by hydration of cement and insulating new concrete from cold temperatures !! o Contact your local store for more on the blankets best suited for your region POLYETHYLENE SHEETING Lowest cost all-purpose protection against water vapor and foreign matter !! o Tough, strong body, yet soft, pliable !! o High-resistance to tearing !! o Permanent flexibility even at sub-zero temperature !! o Resistant to acids, alkalis and most chemicals !! o Used for construction, agriculture and industry !! o Full compliance with both VA and FHA specifications REINFORCED POLY SHEETING - WOVEN REINFORCEMENT STRING REINFORCED POLY SHEETING SEALING TAPE For splicing heavy duty polyethylene, polyethylene patching, and protective masking !! o Made with a cast polyethylene film coated with high-tack natural rubber adhesive !! o Resists moisture, cold temperature, and UV light VAPOR BARRIERS For use in contact with soil and granular under concrete slabs, beams, and footings !! o Multi-layer top-quality polyethylene (polyolefin) resins !! o Restricts migration of soil gases !! o Maintains low water vapor permeance !! o Exceeds industry-standard ASTM E 1745 Class A, Class B, and Class C specifications Husky Yellow Guard Crete Lock Concrete Gripping Tape is designed to mechanically bond Husky Yellow Guard vapor retarder to the concrete slab using our Crete Lock technology. The top of the Crete Lock Tape bonds to the slab at the time of the pour, becoming part of the slab itself. The base of the Crete Lock tape is coated with a high-tack adhesive which boasts the industry's best bond from tape to barrier. Available at: HD Supply - White Cap 800-944-8322 WhiteCap.com PRODUCT NO. SIZE R-VALUE 1132R25F 6' X 25' 2.5 PRODUCT NO. THICKNESS SIZE 432SR620 6 MIL 20' X 100' 432SR640 6 MIL 40' X 100' 432612SR 6 MIL 12' X 100' PRODUCT NO. THICKNESS SIZE 432PW620R 6MIL 20' X 100' 432PW640R 6MIL 40' X 100' COMBO CONCRETE BLANKET PRODUCT NO. SIZE R-VALUE 113MCW60S 6' X 25' 6.0 SPACE AGED - FOAM PRODUCT NO. SIZE R-VALUE 113MWCB7746 6' X 25' 7.74 PRODUCT NO. SIZE 432PT4180 4" X 180' CLOSED CELL NON-REFLECTIVE CONCRETE BLANKETS NO ALUMINUM PRODUCT NO. SIZE R-VALUE 113NT13L 12' X 25' 1.80 113NT13L6 6' X 25' 2.8 PRODUCT NO. SIZE TYPE 4321014210Y 14'X210' 10 MIL 4321514YL 14'X140' 15 MIL 610 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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