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vapor barrier poly tape STEGO TAPE For protective sealing, hanging, seaming, slicing, and patching applications !! o Outstanding moisture protection properties !! o High adhesion, permanent bonding !! o Seals overlapped Stego Wrap Seams !! o Seals around penetrations in Stego Wrap !! o Lightweight roll for easy handling seaming, ns properties g ms o Wrap STEGO CRETE CLAW TAPE An innovative and economical system that secures below-slab vapor retarder to concrete while the concrete is still wet !! o Applications: structural slabs, where carton/void forms are used, settling soil, expansive soil, perimeter sealing STEGOTACK TAPE !! o For sealing Stego Wrap to footings, walls, and columns !! o Double-sided adhesive !! o Sticks to concrete, masonry, wood, plastic, and metal STEGO WRAP VAPOR BARRIER AND VAPOR RETARDERS The most widely specified below-slab vapor barrier in the U.S. !! o Low permeance and excellent puncture resistance !! o Exceeds ASTM E 1745 Standards PRODUCT NO. SIZE THICKNESS TYPE 278SW1001 14' X 140' 15MIL VAPOR BARRIER STEGO 278SW1002A 14' X 210' 10MIL ASTM E 1745 CLASS A 278SW1002C 14' X 210' 10MIL ASTM E 1745 CLASS C Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 278STACKTAPE 2" X 50' $58.29 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 278ST1003 4" X 180' $43.29 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 278STCRETE 6" X 180' $153.59 609 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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