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BACKER ROD POLYFOAM SOF ROD BI-CELLULAR BACKER ROD Round, flexible foam made of a non-absorbing outer skin and resilient interior network !! o Both open and closed cells that does not out-gas when ruptured !! o Limits depth of the sealant and prevents excessive sealant use !! o Helps sealant assume optimum shape factor to prolong service life !! o Acts as a barrier to the flow of sealant through the joint !! o Low VOC, fast cure !! o Virtually dust-free !! o Non-gassing, non-exuding !! o Chemically inert !! o Paintable !! o Will not shrink !! o Mold resistant !! o Meets all of the requirements of the 1990 Clean Air Act !! o Is a "Domestic End Product" as defined in the Buy American Act, Title 41 USC 10 !! o Sold by the foot DENVER FOAM BACKER ROD Backing for elastomeric and other applied caulking sealants !! o For use in expansion/construction joints in concrete and precast concrete walls, floors, etc. !! o Both hot and cold installations can be installed with backer rod !! o Chemically inert and will resist oil, gasoline and most solvents !! o Material is odorless and will not stain !! o Sold per foot PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE 160BR38 OPEN CELL 3/8" X 200' 160BR112 OPEN CELL 1-1/2" X 40' 160BR118 OPEN CELL 1-1/8" X 75' 160BR200 OPEN CELL 2" X 25' 160BR58 OPEN CELL 5/8" X 100' 160BR78 OPEN CELL 7/8" X 100' 530BR112 CLOSED CELL 1-1/2" 530BR114 CLOSED CELL 1-1/4" 530BR12 CLOSED CELL 1/2" 530BR14 CLOSED CELL 1/4" 530BR2 CLOSED CELL 2" 530BR212 CLOSED CELL 2-1/2" 530BR3 CLOSED CELL 3" 530BR34 CLOSED CELL 3/4" 530BR38 CLOSED CELL 3/8" 530BR4 CLOSED CELL 4" 530BR58 CLOSED CELL 5/8" 530BR1 CLOSED CELL 1" PRODUCT NO. SIZE 530SR03750 3/8" 530SR06250 5/8" 530SR08750 7/8" 530SR11250 1-1/8" 530SR15001 1-1/2" 530SR20001 2" DISPENSING SOLUTIONS SAUSAGE GUN 12:1 thrust ratio, holds 20 ounce sausages !! o Double gripping plate technology for long life, convenient rotating swivel handle, durable sausage pistons Includes: 3 #873-3 Cone Nozzles, 3 #873-2 Tube Nozzles, 2 #873-6 sausage piston cups and #873-35 bulk piston cup e Nozzles, 3 #873-2 Tube Nozzles, ton cups PRODUCT NO. PRICE 638B12S20 $62.99 DISPENSING SOLUTIONS SMOOTH ROD CARTRIDGE GUNS Use with all standard viscosity materials !! o 1/10 gallon and 1 quart versions (1/10 gallon shown) PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 638B12 1/10 GAL. CAULK GUN $31.49 638B12Q 1 QT. CAULK GUN $36.79 638B12 638B12Q 607 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING

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