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FLASHING UNDERLAYMENTS SM MOISTOP E-Z SEAL FLASHING Protects against water intrusion in vertical through-wall penetrations !! o Strong water protection !! o Self-adhesive installation !! o Ideal for metal, wood, and vinyl windows !! o Part of a complete moisture control system !! o 75' long PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 278MSEZ475 4" $37.39 278MSEZ675 6" $40.99 278MSEZ975 9" $43.39 278MSEZ1275 12" $60.09 AQUA-FLASH 500 A composite sheet type waterproofing membrane !! o Consists of 8 mils of high density cross-laminated polyethylene bonded to 32 mils of rubberized asphalt for a total of 40 mils !! o Will elongate and recover if somewhat damaged !! o Applications: self sealing, self healing, base flashing, spandrel flashing, head and sill flashing and parapet flashing !! o 50' long PVC FLASHING The non-reinforced polyvinyl chloride, waterproofed, impermeable sheet !! o For use on foundation walls and under concrete slabs !! o Composed of elastomeric substances which have been reduced to a thermoplastic state !! o Will not deform, tear, or rip when stretched at room temperature !! o Material is suitably stabilized to resist exposure without physical deterioration !! o Resistant to acids, alkalis, and caustics !! o 20 mil PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 43020M12150 12" X 150' $34.09 PRODUCT NO. SIZE 179412012 12" 179412018 18" IT'S HERE! OUR CATALOG HAS BEEN DIGITIZED Give our new eCatalog a try by visiting www.WhiteCap.com/eCatalog !! o Enhanced search for quick product browsing and navigation !! o Share capability allows you to 'crop' and email products !! o 'Add to Cart' straight from our eCatalog to WhiteCap.com !! o Ability to create PDFs of specific page ranges !! o Page(s) can be bookmarked !! o Works on mobile tablets and smartphones E-CATALOG FEATURES Our ultimate goal is to give our customers the opportunity to try our newest tool! Your success is our success! 606 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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