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Flashing thermawrap SM DUPONT TYVEK THERMAWRAP LE !! o Manages radiant heat flow !! o Helps indoor water vapor diffuse out of wall systems !! o Provides an effective air barrier !! o Provides a barrier to bulk water that helps keep the wall dry at all times DUPONT STRAIGHTFLASH A premium durable, self-adhered flashing material for straight jambs and heads of rectangular windows to help prevent water damage from wind driven rain !! o By bridging the interface between the rough opening and building envelope, DuPont StraightFlash protects these vulnerable areas that are so often subject to potential water damage !! o Made with DuPont Tyvek and a 100% butyl-based adhesive layer PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 178SF9X125 9" X 125' $249.19 TYVEK TAPE Effective in a variety of applications !! o Excellent adhesion to most substrates !! o Forms a durable air and water resistant seal at critical points PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 178TVT3165 3" X 165' $21.89 178TVT2165 2" X 165' $16.39 STRAIGHTFLASH VF A durable flashing tape for brick mold and non-flanged windows and doors !! o Ideal for helping to protect heads and jambs of rectangular windows. !! o Made with Tyvek , a polyethylene film, and a premium butyl sealant !! o Designed to be compatible with the products of DuPont Tyvek Weatherization Systems !! o Preforms when installed in temperatures above 50F !! o 6" X 125' PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 178TVSF4150 4" X 125' $169.09 TermaWrap LE DUPONT FLASHING TAPE A premium, durable, self-adhered window flashing material made with a 100% butyl-based adhesive layer !! o Protect heads and jambs of rectangular windows !! o Premium, self-adhered flashing made with a 100% butyl-based adhesive layer !! o Helps protect rain from entering around window openings in residential structures PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 178FT4X100 4" X 75' $57.69 178FT6X75 6" X 75' $61.39 178FT9X100 9" X 75' $101.69 PRODUCT NO. SIZE 178TW5X150 5' X 150' 604 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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