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flashing felt MOISTURE CONTROL SM JUMBO TEX CLASSIC Classic-grade weather-resistive barrier !! o Solid protection against moisture problems !! o Dependable water resistance !! o Incredible price performance !! o Ideal balance between water resistance and permeability !! o Rated for all exterior claddings PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 278A500700 40" X 324 SQ FT. TEX PAPER ROLL 278A40500 40" X 500 SQ FT. TEX ROLL RED ROSIN PAPER Economical, multi-purpose building paper !! o Keeps out dust and covers residual dust and dirt !! o Used as a temporary and disposable, general purpose work-over paper to protect surfaces from foot traffic !! o Protects wall and ceiling texture over spray and paint drippings CARDBOARD FURRING STRIPS Sold and priced per bundle !! o Use these furring strips to fill in gaps between windows and walls !! o 1/16" (.060) thickness means you can use these furring strips in the tightest of places !! o 100 per bundle PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 27811248FS 1-3/8" X 45" 100 CT $7.19 278FS21244 2-1/2" X 44" 50 CT $7.29 27811444FS 1-1/4" X 44" 100 CT $7.09 ROLLED FURRING STRIPS Heavy-duty, economical asphalt saturated felt !! o Fur out-of-plumb rough framing for a smooth drywall installation !! o Use around windows for easier trim installation !! o Creates a true plane for hanging kitchen cabinets !! o Use in a variety of vertical applications !! o 5-pack SUPER JUMBO TEX 60 MINUTE Protects against water intrusion from the outside, while allowing moisture to escape from the interior !! o Excellent price-performance !! o Ideal balance between water resistance and permeability !! o For stucco, fiber cement siding, brick, vinyl and wood siding !! o Reduces air infiltration PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 104RRP 4' X 8', 96 PSI $15.59 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 278RFF 1/16' X 2' X 100' PRODUCT NO. WIDTH DESCRIPTION PRICE 278A520500 40" 324 SQ. FT. / 1-PLY $17.59 278A520400 40" 240 SQ. FT. / 1-PLY $12.59 278A500400 40" 240 SQ. FT. / 1-PLY $20.59 278A500460 40" 162 SQ. FT./ 2-PLY $36.49 ROOFING FELT Asphalt saturated felt !! o Used for roofing underlayment in many residential or light commercial construction projects !! o Product surface is uniform with guidelines for various shingle exposures !! o It can be used with wood, fiberglass, organic or aluminum metal roofing and siding products. PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION 278RF30 30 LB. 216 SQ. FT. 278RF154SQ 15 LB. 432 SQ. FT. 278RF15 15 LB. 324 SQ. FT. 602 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies

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