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THERmax tm insulation Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 593 WhiteCap.com CALL 800.944.8322 FOR PROJECT PRICING Now you can achieve efficiency at every level. Industry-recognized products that work for you: THERMAX Brand Insulation This is the key component of the THERMAX Wall System that enables you to achieve continuous insulation and is the first step in the streamlined installation process. It offers one of the highest R-values available (R-6.5 at 1") for long-term thermal performance and sustainability. STYROFOAM Brand SPF (CM Series) A spray foam layer that, when applied correctly, prevents air from leaking out of the building by creating an effective air barrier on the interior of steel stud walls. Creates a tighter building envelope, helping to reduce the demand on the heating and cooling system and optimize energy savings for a reduced carbon footprint. LIQUIDARMOR - CM Flashing and Sealant An innovative elastomeric spray designed to provide advanced moisture and air sealing performance for commercial buildings. Easily covers and seals hard-to-reach gaps up to 1" wide, and self-seals around screws, veneer anchors and penetrating fasteners. Sprays on quickly and dries as much as 3 times faster than traditional flashing tapes, reducing installation time.** Key benefits to you: Simplifies the construction process by eliminating the weather barrier and gypsum layer for a faster installation time-saving you money on materials and labor. With superior fire resistance, THERMAX can be used in most wall assembly designs-meeting NFPA 285 criteria behind most wall veneers.* Offers excellent versatility-the same simple design can be used in all climate zones in North America. Meets strict model energy requirements for continuous insulation and thermal, air and moisture management. *See ESR-1659 code report for specific assemblies. **Based on example project on a linear board joint application. Exact installation time will vary depending on installer, equipment and application area. For more information on the THERMAX Wall System or any other Dow solution, call 1-866-583-BLUE (2583) or visit us at thermaxwallsystem.com Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow. 2016 The Dow Chemical Company. MCM LIQUIDARMOR - CM Flashing and Sealant THERMAX XARMOR (ci) Exterior Insulation Steel Stud STYROFOAM Brand Spray Foam Insumation

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