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SM tape SCOTCH SUPER 33+ VINYL ELECTRICAL TAPE 3/4" x 66', 7 mil tape !! o Flexible and elastic PVC backing combined with premium grade adhesive provides excellent protection and primary electrical insulation up to 600 !! o Abrasion-, corrosion-, and sunlight-resistant !! o UL Listed and CSA Certified PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12133PLUS $6.59 GORILLA GLUE TAPE 2" x 35 yds. !! o Double thick adhesive !! o Strong reinforced backing !! o Tough all-weather shell PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2056035120 $12.19 SCOTCH ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE 2" x 50 yds. !! o High tack rubber adhesive, 2 mil backing thickness !! o For difficult to adhere to surfaces such as low surface energy substrates, rated for UL 723 !! o Resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation, chemical resistant tape PRODUCT NO. PRICE 4793311 $17.99 POLYETHYLENE TAPE 921CW 2" x 36 yds., 5 mil, clear !! o Selfwound polyethylene tape !! o High tack !! o Conformable PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121921CW $5.49 CONTRACTOR GRADE MULTI-USE DUCT TAPE 2979 1.88" x 60 yds., 7 mil !! o Aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive provides instant adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, wood and metal !! o Tears straight in both directions !! o Easily conforms to irregular surfaces PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1212979 $6.69 3M RED DUCT TAPE 3900 48 mm x 55 m (1.88" x 60.1 yds.) !! o Polyethylene over cloth scrim for good tensile strength in tough conditions !! o Strong moisture resistant backing for long term performance in moist and humid enviorments !! o Applications include bundling, packaging, seaming and general repairs PRODUCT NO. PRICE 4793900R $12.99 ape 1400 ECONOMY VINYL ELECTRICAL TAPE 3/4" x 60', 7 mil !! o General-use vinyl-insulating tape !! o Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) backing with pressure-sensitive, rubber- based adhesive !! o Inhibits corrosion of electrical conductors DT11 HEAVY DUTY DUCT TAPE 48 mm x 55 m (1.88" x 60.1 yds.), 11 mil, silver !! o "The go-to tape for holding, seaming, sealing, repairing and packaging" !! o Ideal for sticking to plastic !! o High durability !! o Waterproof backing !! o High tack and conformability PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121DT11 $9.89 E ors PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 1211400CBLK BLACK $1.29 1211400CBLU BLUE $1.29 1211400CBRN BROWN $1.29 1211400CGRN GREEN $1.29 1211400CGRY GRAY $1.29 PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 1211400COR ORANGE $1.29 1211400CRD RED $1.29 1211400CWHT WHITE $1.29 1211400CYEL YELLOW $1.29 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 562

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