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SM SURFACE PROTECTION PRO SHIELD Ultimate floor protection, 32" x 50' !! o Absorbs 10 times its weight in moisture !! o Slip-resistant bottom !! o Can be hosed, vacuumed or swept clean !! o Lightweight !! o Flexible !! o Reusable PRODUCT NO. PRICE 213PS3250 $102.19 WATER SHIELD REINFORCED KRAFT PAPER Non-staining, water resistant !! o Made from a lamination of two strong kraft papers with nylon scrim reinforcement !! o Protects flooring surfaces like hardwood, laminate and tile !! o Does not tear under normal traffic wear, eliminating the need to constantly replace torn paper !! o Durable enough to be re-used BUILDER BOARD WITH LIQUID SHIELD TECHNOLOGY Heavy-duty, temporary floor protection, 38" X 100' !! o Less expensive and half the weight of masonite !! o Can be seamed together for large areas !! o Repels water, paint, mud and more !! o Allows moisture, vapors etc. to escape for curing !! o Tough enough to be driven on !! o 100% recyclable - at least 33% post consumer, contributes to earning LEED points s PRODUCT NO. PRICE 213BLD38100 $73.49 RED ROSIN PAPER Economical, multi-purpose building paper, 36" x 167' (500 sq. ft. roll) !! o Keeps out dust and covers residual dust and dirt !! o Disposable, general purpose work-over paper to protect surfaces !! o Protects wall and ceiling texture over spray and paint drippings PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104RRP $15.59 PLASTIC CORRUGATED SHEETING Reusable and washable, 48" x 96" !! o Strong and tear resistant !! o Chemically inert polypropylene will not react with chemicals or floor coatings !! o Can be duct taped together for secure protection !! o High compressive strength is 96 psi PRODUCT NO. PRICE 213PC48 CFQ IT'S HERE! OUR CATALOG HAS BEEN DIGITIZED Give our new eCatalog a try by visiting www.WhiteCap.com/eCatalog !! o Enhanced search for quick product browsing and navigation !! o Share capability allows you to 'crop' and email products !! o 'Add to Cart' straight from our eCatalog to WhiteCap.com !! o Ability to create PDFs of specific page ranges !! o Page(s) can be bookmarked !! o Works on mobile tablets and smartphones E-CATALOG FEATURES Our ultimate goal is to give our customers the opportunity to try our newest tool! Your success is our success! PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 213WS36300 36" X 300' CFQ 213WS48300 48" X 300' CFQ 213WS60300 60" X 300' CFQ 213WS72300 72" X 300' CFQ 213WS96300 96" X 300' CFQ 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 558

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