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55 welding helmets gloves accessories TIGERHOOD CLASSIC WELDING HELMET Thermoplastic, gray with Model 5000 Speedy-Loop !! o Provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face !! o Molded-in colors eliminate chipping, peeling, and fading !! o Smooth, seamless shell deflects sparks and spatter reducing the risk of burn through PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2165906GY $48.39 TIGERHOOD CLASSIC WELDING SHIELD 24 sq. in. viewing area !! o Shade 10 filter plate installed !! o Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact !! o Maximum safety, durability and comfort PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2162090 $47.99 PRICE CLASSIC #10 SHADE WELDING HELMET For combination use with hard hats !! o For frequent on/off use with protective caps !! o Welding helmets, faceshields, goggles, etc. may be mounted while the cap is on the head !! o No tools or modified caps required (does not affect ANSI rating) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2165906GYH10 $56.19 HIGH- PERFORMANCE FACESHIELD Wide view !! o Preformed to the curve of the crown !! o Injection molded from propionate !! o Wide View !! o Lens Tint : IR/UV 5.0 !! o Thickness : 0.0600 in !! o Used with F-400, F-500, FH-66, FM-70, FM-71 Series PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2164178IRUV5 $20.59 PRICE GRAIN COWHIDE MIG WELDING GLOVES Unlined !! o Seamless index finger !! o Flame-resistant Kevlar stitching ex finger nt ng SPLIT COWHIDE MIGHTYMIG WELDING GLOVES CushionCore lined back !! o Unlined palm !! o Flame-resistant Kevlar stitching !! o Size: Large LOVES d back WELDING GOGGLES Reinforced flexible frame !! o Hugs facial contour for comfortable fit !! o Ventilated for effective cooling and evaporation !! o Equipped with durable elastic headbands !! o Shade #5 filter and clear cover plate included !! o 2" x 4-1/4" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 216VG600H5 $15.49 WELDER GLOVES Russet leather !! o Standard split cowhide !! o Wing thumb !! o Cotton lining !! o Standard shoulder leather !! o Reinforced welted seams PRODUCT NO. PRICE 188GLW $8.39 GRAIN GOATSKIN TIG WELDING GLOVES Unlined !! o Lightweight goatskin offers good dexterity and protection !! o Flame-resistant Kevlar stitching PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 18825EM M $15.49 18825EL L $15.49 18825EXL XL $15.49 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 18825GL L $14.49 18825GXL XL $14.49 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 18839ADVL L $14.49 18839ADVXL XL $17.59 WhiteCap.com 55 VISIT US ONLINE 18825EX 49

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