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SM HEATERS TRADESMAN FORCED-AIR KEROSENE HEATERS 210,000 BTU per hour rating !! o Dependable dual-prong electronic spark ignition !! o Durable composite fuel fittings !! o Fuel gauge indicates remaining run time !! o Comfort control thermostat !! o Threaded drain plug PREMIER 170 DUCTABLE UNIT HEATER WITH HOSE 170,000 Btu/h, reg, t-stat !! o Enclosed flame promotes safer work environments !! o Quiet operation keeps noise low, and has vent mode for circulation of air !! o Can be used with or without ducting !! o High volume of air output for maximum heat distribution !! o Built-in go or no go diagnostic system for maximum safety and ease of troubleshooting PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 235P170 UNIT HEATER WITH HOSE $2,099.99 23526346 12' DUCT KIT $209.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 235K210 K210-210,000 BTU $503.99 235K170 K170-170,000 BTU $429.49 235K75 K75-70,000 BTU $262.49 ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIALTY CATALOGS BUILD YOUR CITY AND KEEP IT RUNNING. SM Throughout the year we produce specialty catalogs that focus on specific trades. They feature a more comprensive product selection plus helpful information and tips for professional contractors. Titles include: !! o SAFETY !! o MEP !! o EROSION CONTROL !! o WATERPROOFING !! o CONCRETE FORMING, SHORING AND TILT-UP 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 546

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