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SM FLASHLIGHTS HEADLIGHTS HARD CASE HEADLIGHT Hands-free lighting with independant controls !! o 4 light modes: High white, low white, red, and green !! o Light pivots 90, flip-up diffuser lens !! o Non-slip, removable top strap survives 6 meter drop, water resistant !! o 160 lumens !! o 8 hour runtime !! o 115 meter beam distance Includes: 3 AA Energizer MAX batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309TUFHD31PE $52.19 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309TUFSW21PE $45.19 HARD CASE PROFESSIONAL SWIVEL HEAD FLASHLIGHT Rotates 125, and flat base allows for hands-free light !! o One white CREE LED provides bright light in high mode, LED white, red, and green lamps !! o Includes sturdy clip to attach to belt or strap !! o 95 lumens !! o 14 hour runtime !! o 100 meter beam distance !! o Survives 6 meter drop Includes: 2 Energizer MAX AA alkaline batteries HIGH INTENSITY LED FLASHLIGHT Delivers up to 130 lumens of bright light !! o Durable high strength machined aluminum body, survives 3 meter drop test !! o Weatherproof meets IEC 60529 IPX4 standards !! o Covered by IPx4 !! o Slip-resistant knurled grip and nylon lanyard !! o 5" x 1" !! o 185 lumens !! o 2.25 hour runtime !! o 150 meter beam distance Includes: 2 AA Energizer MAX batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309EMHIL21E $38.79 d d n l ylo l n lany d ard PRICE $ $38 79 HARD CASE PRO LED TASK LIGHT LED bulb provides bright white light for the toughest jobs !! o Survives a 4 meter drop !! o Rugged ABS, steel and rubber construction !! o Shatterproof lens !! o 125 lumens !! o 10 hour runtime !! o 90 meter beam distance PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309TUF2AAPE $33.39 VISION HD LED HEADLIGHT Hands-free 6 LED headbeam with versatile strap and silicone beading for added grip !! o Innovative smart-dimming feature provides industrial users with maximum run time !! o 150 lumens !! o 8 hour runtime !! o 40 meter beam distance !! o White spot, white flood, white spot/flood - dimmable to control brightness and runtime Includes: 3 AAA Energizer MAX batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309HDBIN32E $18.89 VISION HD+ FOCUS LED HEADLIGHT Energizer's most innovative headlight with unbeatable performance, patented digital focus technology, and memory recall !! o Digital focus - seamless switching between spot and flood !! o Advanced memory recall enables users to quickly access their favorite focus setting !! o Dual-button configuration offers a variety of light modes including red LEDs Includes: 3 AAA Energizer MAX batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309HDDIN32E $27.29 HANDS-FREE 2 LED HEADBEAM New model - up to 4 times brighter than standard LEDs !! o Powerful 2-mode beam, high/low !! o 80 lumens !! o 7 hour runtime !! o 30 meter beam distance !! o White high mode, white low mode Includes: 3 AAA Energizer MAX batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309HDA32E $15.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 542

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