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BATTERIES FLASHLIGHTS UTILITY LANTERN Bright white LED !! o Packed with one 6V Eveready Super Heavy Duty battery !! o 50 lumens, 100 hour runtime !! o Floating lantern !! o Shatterproof lens PRODUCT NO. PRICE 3095109LS $8.49 INDUSTRIAL TWO D ECONOMY FLASHLIGHT Slide switch and hanger ring !! o Anti-roll design !! o Bright krypton bulb !! o Powered by two D batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 309E250Y $3.79 LITHIUM BATTERIES Ideal for electronic devices !! o Longest lasting batteries in high-tech devices INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ALKALINE BATTERIES Contractor packs !! o No mercury added - special disposal not required !! o Operate well in temperature extremes (-30C to 55C) !! o Excellent shelf life - alkaline cells are ready for use even after 10 years of storage 6 VOLT BATTERY Long-lasting power !! o Unsurpassed performance in high tech devices !! o It's the battery that keeps going and going and going !! o Alkaline technology PRODUCT NO. PRICE 3091209 $4.49 ENERGIZER MAX Dependable power for your everyday devices !! o Designed for long-lasting performance ENERGIZER 2032, A23 AND 357 BATTERIES PRODUCT NO. TYPE QUANTITY PRICE 309L91BP4 AA 4PK $13.49 309L92BP4 AAA 4PK $13.49 309L91 AA 24PK $2.19 PRODUCT NO. TYPE QUANTITY PRICE 309E92BP8 AAA 8PK $9.99 309E91BP4 AA 4PK $6.19 309E93BP4 C 4PK $11.59 309E95BP4 D 4PK $11.59 309522BP2 9V 2PK $11.59 PRODUCT NO. TYPE QUANTITY DESCRIPTION PRICE 3092032BP2 3V 2PK ELECTRONIC $7.99 309A23BP2 12V 2PK GARAGE DOOR REMOTE $5.79 309357BP3 1.5V 3PK WATCH & CALCULATOR $9.39 PRODUCT NO. TYPE QUANTITY PRICE 309EN22 9V 12PK $26.79 309EN91 AA 24PK $14.99 309EN92 AAA 24PK $14.99 309EN93 C 12PK $13.99 309EN95 D 12PK $18.29 WhiteCap.com 541 VISIT US ONLINE 3095109L $3.79

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