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SM CALCULATORS PLAN HOLDERS UPRIGHT ROLL FILES Available in durable corrugated fiberboard !! o Reduce filing and retrieval time !! o Durable corrugated fiberboard with an attractive walnut wood-grain finish !! o Fiberboard square tube openings are reinforced with plastic molding to prevent tears and snags !! o Assemblies are quick and easy DROP/LIFT WALL RACK For up to 1,200 sheets !! o Lift out/drop in convenience for up to 1,200 sheets !! o Entire rack extends out less than 12" yet, holds up to 12 hanging clamps (order separately) !! o Mounting hardware is included, Installation recommended on wall studs or solid-back wall surfaces PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1485030 $55.19 PIVOT BRACKET Steel with Zinc coating !! o Easily access hanging clamps and their contents with Pivot Brackets !! o Each bracket swings freely from side-to-side to reveal your documents !! o Use with Pivot Wall Rack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1485006 $18.89 ICB BINDER Designed for use with both pivot filing and drop-lift filing models !! o Clip slips on to pivot brackets !! o Maximum capacity of 100 sheets or 20 lbs. !! o Sold 6 per carton, price is per each PRODUCT NO. PRICE 14843016 $24.19 PIVOT WALL RACK Rack mounts directly to wall studs or solid-back surface !! o Space-saving vertical filing system handles big jobs !! o Pivot brackets swing freely from side-to-side !! o Holds up to 12 hanging clamps (order separately) !! o Pivot brackets and binders sold separately PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1485010 $41.99 MOBILE STAND Ideal for project files that require mobility !! o Steel construction with four 3" ball-bearing swivel casters (front 2 lock) !! o Includes 12 pivot brackets that swing wide !! o Holds up to 12 hanging clamps (order separately) !! o Tropic sand powder coat finish PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1485026 $524.99 CONSTRUCTION MASTER PRO Advanced construction math calculator !! o Quick solutions for right angles, rafters (common, hip valley and jack), rake-walls, stairs, weight per volume, material conversions, circular problems, and full dimensional conversions !! o Has a slide-on hard case, backspace key for editing, footing, block and roof functions PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1044065 $62.99 CONCRETE CALCULATOR Specifically for concrete construction pros !! o Concrete areas and volumes !! o Handles all fractions !! o Square-ups, drops and right angle problems !! o Circular problems and arcs !! o Blocks and footings !! o Weights/volumes PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1044225 $64.09 CONSTRUCTION MASTER PRO TRIG PLUS III Advanced construction math calculator for construction and engineering pros !! o Work in and convert between any building dimension, including metric !! o Long-life battery Includes: Protective, durable case; pocket reference guides in English and Spanish PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1044080 $73.49 SCALE MASTER PRO XE Advanced digital plan measure !! o Perform instant linear, rectangular area and volume takeoffs !! o 91 built-in scales, 10 custom scales !! o Use it like a pen, just roll and measure !! o Lock Switch prevents changes in scales and units while rolling PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1046135 $90.29 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1483079 15" X 12" X 22" $60.89 1483081 15" X 12" X 22" $64.09 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 540

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