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two-way radios accessories SIX UNIT CHARGER ADAPTER KMB-28 !! o For Kenwood TK and NX series Radios !! o Designed to organize and hold up to six charging cups in two rows of three to save desk or shelf space !! o Small space saving design: 9.5" D x 10.9/16" W x 2.3/8" H !! o Wall and shelf mounting slots for multiple gang charger configurations !! o Non-Slip rubber feet !! o Designed to work with KSC-35SK charging cup PRODUCT NO. PRICE 744KMB28 $319.19 NEXEDGE DIGITAL RADIO UHF 16 CH 5W PORTABLE RADIO Upgrade to digital radio with Kenwood's Industrial 5 watt !! o 32 channels across 2 zones !! o 3-year manufacturer's warranty !! o HD digital audio and up to 30% more range than analog !! o 12.5kHz in analog zones, 6.25kHz in digital zones !! o Compatible with most analog or digital radios 2W/5W UHF PROTALK RADIO Durable and compact with industry leading volume and clarity !! o 5 Watt output - 370,000 sq. ft., 33 stories and up to 7 miles !! o 2 Watt output - 220,000 sq. ft., 20+ stories and up to 5 miles !! o Meets military specifications for sealing against dust, wind, shock, vibration and other adverse conditions !! o Field programmable and cloneable to standard UHF frequencies; repeater capable !! o 2-year factory warranty D-RING EAR HANGER KHS-27 !! o Includes clip-on microphone !! o In-line PTT (push to talk) switch !! o Fits all Kenwood ProTalk radio models PRODUCT NO. PRICE 744KHS27 $43.09 CLIP MIC W/EARPHONE KHS-26 !! o For 2-way radios !! o Includes clip-on microphone !! o Earbud rests comfortably in your ear !! o In-line PTT (push to talk) switch PRODUCT NO. PRICE 744KHS26 $50.39 COMPACT SPEAKER MICROPHONE KHS-21 !! o Compact speaker microphone !! o Volume control and channel scan button !! o Splash-proof design and swivel belt clip !! o Compatible with Kenwood ProTalk radios PRODUCT NO. PRICE 744KMC21 $85.09 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 744KHS22 $59.89 BEHIND-THE- HEAD HEADSET KHS-22 !! o Flexible boom microphone !! o In-line PTT !! o Single ear receiver !! o Low profile wire head band PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 744TK3400U16 2 WATT; 16 CHANNEL $262.49 744TK3400U4P 2 WATT; 4 CHANNEL $241.49 744TK3402U16 5 WATT; 16 CHANNEL $314.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 344NX340U16P PROTALK DIGITAL UHF $419.99 344NX240V16P PROTALK DIGITAL VHF $319.99 WhiteCap.com 539 VISIT US ONLINE

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