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knee boards 2-STRAP KNEE PADS Made of lightweight, durable polyurethane !! o Two web straps hold pads to knees !! o Pads are molded in one piece PRODUCT NO. PRICE 208WL080 $24.79 RED KNEELER BOARD 24" x 14" !! o Dense foam pad for increased comfort !! o Durable and to clean PRODUCT NO. PRICE 103KB451 $26.29 STAINLESS STEEL KNEE BOARDS WITH PADS Durable and easy-to-use !! o Made of 18-gauge stainless steel !! o Built in toe brackets for easy back and forth motion PRODUCT NO. PRICE 103KB230 $165.89 DENVER SLIDER KNEE BOARDS #16 gauge stainless steel for extra smooth sliding surface !! o Round edges and corners with special nesting design !! o 28" x 8-1/2" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 208CC152 $173.29 CONCRETE SLIDERS (PLASTIC KNEE BOARDS) Made of heavy-duty plastic !! o Durable, easy to clean, and lightweight !! o Contoured shape eliminates marring the concrete !! o Replaceable knee pads included !! o 30" x 10" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 208CC153 $160.69 LIGHTWEIGHT KNEE BOARDS 28" x 8" !! o #18 gauge stainless steel !! o Durable and easy-to-use !! o Contoured to prevent digging !! o Replaceable knee pads included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 208CC162 $204.79 SM Iram Garcia Counter Sales Associate Palm Desert, CA What are some of our featured services that most customers don't know about? Many customers might not know that we can cut their threaded rod and Sonotube material down to whatever length they specify. Tell us about how our service saves the day for your customers. We have a very tightly knit group at our location. Our Outside Account Managers make deliveries for us every day. The whole team will jump through hoops to get customers what they want, when they need it. And we often deliver in less than 24 hours on phoned-in orders. Tell us about a time when teamwork with other Associates helped your customer. A customer needed a 24-inch anchor bolt, which is something we don't normally stock in our warehouse. I located some at a vendor an hour away and found out a Sales Associate just happened to be in that area. I called him at noon and my customer had the material in his hands by 2:00 that afternoon. It definitely made his day! Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're all part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Iram Garcia from our Palm Desert, California location to share his thoughts about our service. WhiteCap.com VISIT US ONLINE 521

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