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SM ASPHALT TOOLS RAKES SQUEEGEES TAMPERS CAST IRON TAMPERS Used to flatten and smooth dirt, stone, asphalt and other materials !! o Wood handle PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 15099320 8"X 8" BASE $60.79 15099322 10" X 10" WOOD HANDLE $57.79 HEAVY-DUTY CEMENT TAMPER Splash Away Design keeps cement off your clothes and boots !! o Heavy gauge steel face, reinforced to stay flat and welded at all contact points !! o Rubber hand grips give you safe, sure handling that cuts down fatigue ROLLER TAMP 5" roller diameter with roller width of 36" !! o Creates a non-skid surface when rolled over final finish !! o Levels the slab in half the time !! o Prepares slab for a smoother finish ASPHALT SHOES Made of heavy gauge galvanized steel !! o One size fits most !! o Allows you to walk on asphalt without compromising the surface !! o Tamp and compact hard to reach places !! o No hassle quick release adjustable straps PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104RED704138 $127.09 V-SHAPED CRACK SQUEEGEE With 54" wood handle !! o Unique V-shape design allows you to push or pull material into cracks !! o Forces sealant down into crack while pushing excess material forward !! o Use with crack pour pot !! o Blade is made of black neoprene PRODUCT NO. PRICE 103RED704942 $43.49 36" ALUMINUM LANDSCAPE RAKE With aluminum handle and end grip !! o For contractor and professional use !! o Wrap-around brace for strong head-to-handle connection !! o Lightweight PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13963000 $73.49 36" ALUMINUM ASPHALT LUTE RAKE With aluminum handle, and end grip !! o For contractor and professional use !! o Strong head-to-handle connection !! o Lightweight PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13963133 $57.79 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 208CC952 USE W/1-3/4" THREADED HDL $261.49 208CC952A USE W/1-3/8" BUTTON HDL $261.49 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 10411G 12" X 5" $28.39 104834 34" X 7-1/2" $52.49 104846 46" X 7-1/2" $59.89 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 514

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