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CABLE CUTTERS GATOR PLUS BATTERY-POWERED CABLE CUTTER Battery-powered cable cutter, 120V charger, for cables up to 2" !! o Automatically retracts after the cut is complete !! o Cutting blades are specially hardened and precision ground to hold their sharpness !! o Cutting head rotates 360 for making cuts in tight locations, and flips open to make mid-span cuts easy !! o Includes one-hour battery charger, steel carrying case and two batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 163ESG50GL11 $2,866.49 CABLE CUTTER Heavy-duty forged steel to cut copper or aluminum !! o Heat-treated, precision ground, shear action curved cutting blades !! o Cushion grip, high leverage handles !! o Rust-resistant, made with heavy forged steel !! o Capacity copper: #1 AWG (35 mm2) !! o Capacity aluminum: 2/0 (70 mm2) !! o Length: 9-1/4" (235 mm) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 163727 $39.89 PERFORMANCE RATCHET CABLE CUTTER Simple, one-hand operation !! o 2-speed ratchet mechanism adjusts for light/heavy cutting !! o Well-suited for tight work spaces !! o Specially designed blade !! o Cutting head rotates 360 for making cuts in tight locations, and flips open to make mid-span cuts easy PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 16345206 PERFORMANCE CUTTER 10" $393.79 16345207 PERFORMANCE CUTTER 11" $419.99 163759 COMPACT CUTTER 10.5" $280.39 163760 COMPACT CUTTER 11.75" $297.19 HEAVY-DUTY CABLE CUTTER Heavy-duty cable cutter with rubber boot !! o Strong, lightweight fiberglass handles !! o Adjustable pivot bolt provides for blade adjustment !! o Replaceable, heat-treated, and precision ground blades !! o 704 Specifications: Length: 21", weight: 3.01 lbs. !! o 705 Specifications: Length: 25-1/2", weight: 5.5 lbs. !! o 706 Specifications: Length: 31-1/2", weight: 6.2 lbs. PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 163704 21" HEAVY DUTY $173.29 163705 25-1/2" HEAVY DUTY $178.49 163706 31-1/2" $183.79 16322292 706 CUTTER UNIT (2 BLADES) $185.49 HIGH- PERFORMANCE RATCHET CABLE CUTTER Narrow profile permits use in deep boxes, against walls, or on floors !! o Two-speed mechanism saves cutting time by closing the blades rapidly and shifting to normal speed to perform the cut !! o No more pushing on stubborn release buttons-the blades open automatically when the cut is complete PRODUCT NO. PRICE 163774 $477.79 HEAVY-DUTY RATCHET CABLE CUTTER Heavy-duty ratchet cable cutter with rubber boot !! o Extra thick blades, ground flat to reduce potential for breakage !! o Two cutting actions - fast scissor cutting for small cable and insulation; converts automatically to ratchet mode !! o Maximum capacity: 1500 kcmil (MCM) (800 mm2) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 163756 $616.39 WhiteCap.com 509 VISIT US ONLINE 16322292 6.39

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