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SAFETY EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES "One of my customers needed a lot of safety lifelines, harnesses and vests delivered to his jobsite late one Friday afternoon to prevent an OSHA shutdown. So, to be sure his jobsite would be compliant, I personally delivered all of them in my own truck, well after 5:00 that same evening." Page 53 - Meet Holly Lane Account Manager Austin, Texas Anchoring 123-138 Compliance Kits 83-84 Cooling Products, Cooling Vests 40-43 Disposable Clothing and Shoe Covers 53-54 Ear Protection 44-46 Eye Protection and Safety Glasses 24-30 Fall Protection, Lifeline Systems 86-100 Fire Safety 164-165 FIrst Aid 177-182 Flame-Resistant Clothing 56-57 Footwear 74 Gas Detection 164 Gloves 6-23 Hard Hats, Hats, Accessories 31-39 Harnesses, Accessories 86-100 Head and Face Protection 24-39 Heat Stress Prevention and Training 165 High Visibility Clothing 62-70 Highway Safety, Barricades 208-210, 211 Hydration, Coolers and Accessories 187-191 Knee Pads 59-60 Ladders, Accessories 75-77 Lanyards, Connectors 100-110 Lifting Slings, Accessories 147 Locator Flags, Flagging Tape 226-227 Padlocks, Lockout Devices, Security 199-207 Rebar Caps 211 Respiratory Protection 47-52 Safety Cans, Safety Cabinets and Lockers 166-171 Safety Fences, Barriers 211 Scaffolding, Guardrails, Debris Netting 80-86 Self-Retracting Lifelines, Accessories 111-123 Signs 212-227 Spill Kits, Spill Pads 173-176 Supports (Back) 61 Tent Shelters 185 Tool Tethering 149-155 Transfer Tanks, Pumps 167 Welding Helmets, Clothes and Accessories 55-57 Wet Weather Gear 68-70, 74 Winter Gear 71-73

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