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49 respiratory protection 7000 SERIES ASSEMBLED P100 RESPIRATOR Lightweight and low profile !! o Extra-wide sealing area !! o Wide field of vision !! o Sleek design for modern, high-tech look and increased worker acceptance Includes: #7940 P100 filter disks AIRWAVE N95 PLUS OV SMARTSTRAP RESPIRATOR Breathes easier by design !! o Unique FlexFit design moves with mouth for all day comfort !! o Dura-Mesh shell resists collapse in heat and humidity !! o SmartStrap is adjustable and allows mask to hang from neck when not in use !! o Relief from nuisance levels of organic vapors !! o 8 per box PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6874800 $46.39 R 2800N95 SERIES PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR WITH HANDYSTRAP For nuisance levels of ozone and organic vapor odors !! o 100% PVC-Free !! o HandyStrap allows mask to hang down around the user's neck when not in use !! o 10 per box PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6872800N95 $57.69 DYSTRAP PR $57. 7000 SERIES OIL-FREE PAINT SPRAY/PESTICIDE ASSEMBLED RESPIRATOR The most user-friendly respirators !! o Ultra-lightweight, durable, and economical !! o Sleek, low profile design Includes: 7100 OV cartridges, 8910 N95 Pre-filters, 7020 retainers PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 6877111 SMALL $33.79 6877112 MEDIUM $33.79 6877113 LARGE $33.79 E R mical 7000 SERIES HALF MASK RESPIRATOR Extra-wide sealing area provides all-day comfort !! o Lightweight, sleek design !! o Fits well under welding helmets and with safety glasses !! o Adjustable head cradle and curved neck buckles !! o Few parts for easy maintenance PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 6877001 S $13.99 6877002 M $13.99 6877003 L $13.99 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 6877942 M $23.99 6877943 L $24.99 AIRWAVE N95 SMARTSTRAP RESPIRATORS Allows more airflow in and out of the respirator for cool comfort and easier breathing !! o Less resistance, better breathability !! o Soft, cloth SmartStrap is both hangable and adjustable !! o 10 per box PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 6874601 S $34.49 6874600 M/L $34.39 ing P $ FILTER DISK COVER Protects filter media !! o Use to cover P100 disk filters !! o Protects against sparks, splash and dirt !! o For use with 7000, 7800, and 9000 Series reusable respirators PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6877999 $4.99 P100 PLUS NUISANCE OV/AG FILTER DISK Low profile disk !! o Fits under welding helmets !! o Encased in plastic for durability and rough handling !! o 1 pair s PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6877950 $13.19 7800 PREMIUM SILICONE HALF MASK Silicone reusable respirator !! o Soft silicone facepiece feels supple on the face, yet firmly retains its shape !! o Sleek design for modern, high-tech look and increased worker acceptance EM R e d ks E PRICE 9 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 6877801 S $33.99 6877802 M $33.99 6877803 L $33.99 or ed IZE PRICE WhiteCap.com 49 VISIT US ONLINE

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