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PLIERS 10" CURVED JAW LOCKING PLIERS With wire cutter !! o Jaw adjustment up to 1-7/8" !! o Curved jaws, knurled tips and wire cutters !! o Locks instantly, releases quickly and adjusts to pliers action 9LN ORIGINAL LONG NOSE 9" Curved jaw with built-in wire cutter !! o Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel !! o Hardened teeth are designed to grip from any angle !! o Hex key adjusting screw !! o Lifetime guarantee PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1731502L3 $24.99 ODUCT NO. PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1737WR 7" $17.39 17310WR 10" $19.09 STRAIGHT JAW LOCKING PLIERS !! o Straight jaws allow for maximum contact on flat, square, or hex work !! o Adjusting screw gives exacting pressure !! o Hardened tooth design PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1737R 7" $20.09 17310R 10" $21.79 6" LONG NOSE LOCKING PLIERS !! o For turning, cutting, tightening, clamping, and twisting !! o Convenient wire cutter !! o Guarded release !! o Hardened tooth design !! o Full lifetime warranty PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1736LN $20.49 ADJUSTABLE CURVED JAW LOCKING PLIERS Won't slip or strip !! o Provides three times gripping power !! o Adjusting screw gives exacting pressure PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 1737CR 7" $16.29 17310CR 10" $17.99 TORQUE LOCK STRAIGHT JAW LOCKING PLIERS Provides a more convenient geometry for hand force !! o Torque lock faster setup and more force for locking tools !! o Straight jaw maximizes contact points !! o Hardened jaws better grip force !! o Forged alloy steel !! o Rust protection ts PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 13148223507 7" $15.69 13148223510 10" $16.79 WhiteCap.com 473 VISIT US ONLINE 10"

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