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47 respiratory protection AIRWAVE N95 PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR More Air. More Wear. !! o Wave design technology allows more airflow for easier breathing !! o Dura-Mesh shell resists collapsing in heat and humidity !! o Ideal where unvalved respirators are preferred !! o 10 per box 2250/2350 RESPIRATOR LOCKERS 5 masks per locker !! o Separate chamber stores respirator-in-use during breaks !! o Available with 2200N95 and 2300N95 with valve masks 2600/2700 SERIES N95 HANDYSTRAP RESPIRATORS With Dura-Mesh shell !! o Feels cool and comfortable !! o Resists collapsing in heat and humidity !! o Cloth HandyStrap allows mask to hang around neck when not in use Respirators are devices designed to provide purified air for breathing and protect from hazardous atmosphere. THE 7 KEY ELEMENTS OF A SOUND RESPIRATORY PROTECTION PROGRAM CHOOSING THE RIGHT RESPIRATORY PROTECTION Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) An atmosphere that poses an immediate threat to life, would cause irreversible adverse health effect. Filter Classes MINIMUM FILTER EFFICIENCY 95% 99% 99.7% N NOT RESISTANT TO OIL MIST N95 N99 N100 R RESISTANT TO OIL MIST, WITH USE RESTRICTED TO ONE 8-HOUR SHIFT R95 R99 R100 P OIL-RESISTANT, WITH NO TIME RESTRICTION P95 P99 P100 !! o A written plan !! o A complete assessment !! o Procedures and equipment !! o Guidelines for the proper selection !! o An employee training program !! o Inspection, maintenance and repair !! o Medical surveillance PARTICULATES: Can be created from a solid or a liquid. FUMES: Created when solid materials vaporize under high heat. Fumes come from operations such as welding, smelting, and pouring of molten metal. BREATHING HAZARDS GASES: Substances similar to air in their ability to diffuse or spread freely throughout a container or area. Examples include oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium. VAPORS: Formed when a solid or liquid evaporates (gasoline, paint thinners, and degreaser solvents). 6872700N95 6872600N95 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 6874201 SMALL $20.59 6874200 MEDIUM/LARGE $21.19 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 6872250 2200N95 MASKS $8.99 6872350 2300N95 MASKS $16.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION QUANTITY PRICE 6872600N95 2600 SERIES 15/BOX $25.79 6872700N95 2700 SERIES 10/BOX $39.19 WhiteCap.com 47 VISIT US ONLINE 6.99 687270

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