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SAWS 18" PVC/ABS HAND SAW Up to ten times faster blade change !! o Tool-free blade change PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13148220223 $21.99 RASPING JAB SAW Expand holes in drywall up to 2X faster !! o Rubber over mold grip !! o 6" plaster/drywall blade !! o The only jab saw on the market to integrate rasping holes along the side of the blade to rapidly expand holes or smooth rough edges of sheetrock after a cut has been made PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13148220304 $11.09 FOLDING JAB SAW Change blades up to ten times faster !! o Tool-free blade change !! o Folding blade !! o Rubber over mold grip !! o Accepts all sawzall blades Includes: 3 recip blades PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13148220305 $26.29 STANDARD JAB SAW Aggressive tooth design !! o Cuts up to 50% faster than traditional tooth designs !! o Induction-hardened teeth stay sharp for long life !! o For use on drywall, plastic and other building materials !! o Blade length: 6" !! o Teeth per inch: 8" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWHT20540 $13.69 HACKSAW BLADES Shatter-resistant and flexible !! o 24-tooth blades ideal for a variety of uses !! o For cutting soft materials such as plastics, etc. 15" PROTOUCH COARSE CUT SAW !! o M2 Tooth Technology: patent-pending advanced tooth geometry and Tri-Ground teeth !! o Deep Gullets !! o Tapered-Pitch nose !! o Ergonomic ProTouch handle design PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1732011102 $26.19 15" FATMAX SAW 9-points per inch !! o SharpTooth saw technology !! o Ideal for cutting various types of wood and plastic !! o Blade is +15% thicker than conventional hand saws !! o Induction-hardened teeth PRODUCT NO. PRICE 29120045 $22.39 15" HANDSAW 11 teeth per inch !! o Three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50% faster than traditional handsaws !! o Induction-hardened teeth stay sharp for long life !! o ToughCoat long-lasting, low-friction coating for less drag 5-IN-1 HACKSAW Multi-function !! o 45 or 90 blade angle for standard and flush cuts !! o High tension securely holds blade up to 330 lbs. !! o Low profile for tight spaces !! o Long reach blade attachment !! o Doubles as a jab saw !! o Hacksaw blade 12" !! o Recip saw blade 6" PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWHT20547 $34.69 istant and h blades ideal for a utting soft materials such a PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 324DWHT20545 20" $31.09 324DWHT20544 15" $26.29 PRODUCT NO. SIZE TPI PRICE 147V218HE 12" 18 $27.29 147V024HE 10" 24 $24.49 147V232HE 12" 32 $27.29 147V224HE 12" 24 $27.29 WhiteCap.com VISIT US ONLINE 465

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