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800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 464 SM BLADES UTILITY BLADES Professional utility blades designed to fit the Stanley classic 99 utility knife !! o Will stand up to the toughest jobs !! o Designed for long-lasting performance !! o Strength and durability for most cutting jobs !! o 100-pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 29111921A $31.49 HEAVY-DUTY UTILITY BLADES Shatterproof utility blades !! o Patented welded Bi-metal for sharp edge and flexible body !! o Stays sharper three times longer than traditional carbon blades HEAVY-DUTY UTILITY BLADES Long lasting bimetal blades !! o Titanium coated edge for extended life !! o 4 notches allow longer blade standout for deeper cuts !! o Welded edge bi-metal edge for sharper edge and flexible body !! o Dimensions: 3.69" x 1.38" x 7.88" !! o 100-pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 14720352 $45.89 HOOK BLADES !! o Ideal for roofing !! o Fits IRWIN and most other utility knife handles !! o 100-pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1732087102 $47.19 SINGLE-EDGE BLADES No. 9 blades !! o Hold their edge longer than most other single-edge razor blades !! o Individually wrapped in chipboard to retain the integrity of the edge CARBIDE BLADE DISPENSER Blade stays sharper five times longer !! o Carbide blades for utility knives !! o Steel body combines durability and flexibility to resist breaking !! o Blade length: 2-7/16" GENERAL PURPOSE UTILITY BLADES Traditional Carbon !! o Fits IRWIN and most other utility knife handles PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 1732083100 5-PACK $2.39 1732083200 100-PACK $20.59 UTILITY KNIFE BLADES Heavy-duty 75-pack !! o Features grinding geometry for sharper edge !! o Specially heat-treated blades are stronger and more durable !! o Induction-hardened cutting edge allows for longer cutting life PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWHT11004 $19.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 1732084100 5-PACK $3.99 1732084400 100-PACK $39.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 322TE05092 5 BLADES $1.69 322TE05091 100 BLADES $10.29 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 32411800H 10/PK DISPENSER $12.59 32411800L 50/PK DISPENSER $40.69

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