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KNIVES SCRAPERS SHAVERS FASTBACK UTILITY KNIFE Activate the blade 3X faster than a 2-handed opening !! o One-handed blade opening !! o Change blades up to 5X faster !! o Wire stripper strip up to 10 gauge wire !! o Integrated gut hook for cutting without opening knife !! o Easy pocket storage Includes: 5 utility blades PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13148221901 $18.89 FOLDING RETRACTABLE KNIFE Ergonomically designed metal body !! o Rapid Load blade change !! o Blade storage !! o Retractable for variable cut depth Includes: 3 utility blades PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWHT10035 $14.99 PROTOUCH RETRACTABLE UTILITY KNIFE Quick change blade mechanism !! o Trigger grip for cutting on the pull !! o Hinged blade storage for up to 10 blades !! o Knife includes 3 bimetal utility blades PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1731774106 $15.49 FASTBACK II FLIP UTILITY KNIFE WITH STORAGE Press-and-flip operation !! o Magnetic blade storage: Holds one extra blade conveniently and inside the handle !! o Permits one-handed opening tool-free blade change !! o Allows quick cuts without opening the blade wire stripper PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13148221902 $26.29 SINGLE BLADE SNAP-OFF KNIFE 9 mm, 18 mm, and 25 mm !! o All metal body is heavy-duty and rust-resistant !! o Narrow body for maneuverability and storage !! o Integrated blade snapper for easy blade snapping !! o Ribbed handle for grip and control WALLPAPER SHAVER Die-cast head holds 3-1/4" replaceable blade at an angle to minimize finger jamming !! o Shaves off wallpaper quickly and easily !! o Removes paint and stickers from window glass !! o Tubular metal handle is large and has an easy-to-grip plastic sleeve !! o Tool measures 11" overall paper quickly and easily nt and stickers w glass l handle is large asy-to-grip s 11" overall FK250 FOLDING UTILITY KNIFE Built-in wire stripper and removable belt clip !! o Liner lock !! o Fold-out screwdriver and bit storage !! o Includes bi-metal utility blade PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1731858320 $31.09 de UCT NO. 8320 $3 FOLDING UTILITY LOCKBACK KNIFE Quick change mechanism !! o Quick-Change Button for easy blade change !! o Wire stripper notch for built in convenience Includes: 1 heavy-duty utility blade PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1732089100 $16.29 6" CLASSIC 99 RETRACTABLE UTILITY KNIFE Patented interlocking nose to hold blade securely !! o Three-position, retractable blade !! o Blade storage in handle PRODUCT NO. PRICE 29110099 $7.69 LONG HANDLE RAZOR SCRAPER Removes paint and stickers from window glass !! o Contoured polypropylene handle securely attached with Flo-Lock fasteners !! o Offset angled metal frame construction !! o Accepts standard single-edge razor blades Includes: 5 blades PRODUCT NO. PRICE 32213070 $19.19 324DWHT10045 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 32220200 WALLPAPER SHAVER $17.39 32233150 5-PACK BLADES $6.49 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 324DWHT10037 9MM $8.09 324DWHT10038 18MM $10.79 324DWHT10045 25MM $14.99 WhiteCap.com 463 VISIT US ONLINE 32233150 .99

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