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46 SM ear protection ear muffs MX-5 EARMUFF Larger cup openings fit most ear sizes !! o Soft cushion-ribbed open air headband !! o Overmolded headband is durable for rugged wear !! o Lightweight wire frame allows easy adjustment !! o Extra soft foam, low pressure cushions, and headband are PVC-free !! o Earmuffs have NRR 27dB M1 PREMIUM EARMUFFS NRR 29dB !! o Black-chrome, spring-steel headband resists fatigue and won't twist out of shape !! o Six different adjustment points provide a custom and comfortable fit for most head sizes !! o Folds into a super-compact size for easy storage PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876100 $33.49 M2 MULTI-POSITION EARMUFFS NRR 26dB !! o Special molded grips and durable three position band !! o Infinitely variable adjustment !! o SoftCoat covering helps muffle transmitted noise !! o Can be worn over-the-head, under-the-chin or behind-the-neck PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876200 $18.99 M3 CAP-MOUNTED EARMUFFS NRR 24dB !! o The cup adjustment distributes pressure evenly for a custom fit !! o The lightweight plastic arms slot easily into most hard hats !! o Can be locked in the standby position for storage PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876300 $32.99 QM24+ EARMUFFS Ultra-lightweight, three-position design for extended wear !! o Multiple position headband for positioning over the head, behind the head or under the chin !! o Dielectric construction suiteable for electrical environments !! o Easy clean soft foam cushions !! o Three attenuation levels to NRR 25 !! o Telescopic height adjustment remains fixed during usage PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121QM24 $14.49 H10A PELTOR OPTIME 105 OVER-THE-HEAD EARMUFFS Double-shell technology for effective hearing protection !! o NRR 30 dB !! o Superior comfort, fit and hearing protection !! o Patented twin-cup design for a soft, comfortable feel !! o Recommended for extremely loud conditions PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121H10A $27.79 JSP SUREFIT CAP MOUNT EARMUFF, NRR 21 Spring loaded arms allow the ear cups to fold away when not in use !! o Easy to attach and detach from helmet !! o Spring loaded arms provide an excellent fit to the ear !! o Soft foam ear cushions ensure comfortable wear !! o Durable polystyrene ear cups pivot and slide for a secure seal !! o NRR of 21 dB for protection against common industrial noise PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121262A03050 $17.49 t ble wear PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 6876120 MX-5 EARMUFF $25.99 6876125 MX-5 EARMUFF HYGIENE KIT, FOR 6120 $11.99 PELTOR EARMUFFS X SERIES X1A is a lightweight, low-profile earmuff designed for protection against low-level industrial noise and other loud sounds !! o Electrically insulated wire headband, often referred to as "dielectric"a !! o Wire headband offers consistent pressure over prolonged wearing periods !! o Earcup pivot points tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency RIES ff vel NEW! PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 121007707830 PELTOR X1 - STANDARD ATTENUATION $17.99 121007707848 PELTOR X2 - MEDIUM ATTENUATION $19.99 121007707855 PELTOR X3 - HIGH ATTENUATION $25.99 121007707863 PELTOR X4 - HIGH ATTENUATION $35.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 46

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