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800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 458 SM HAMMERS NYLON VINYL GRIP FRAMING HAMMERS Framing hammer with world famous shock reduction grip !! o Nylon vinyl grip rip claw hammer !! o For driving and removing nails 149E322S RIP CLAW HAMMERS All steel construction !! o Nylon-vinyl deep cushion grip !! o Smooth face !! o Perfect for driving and removing nails !! o Straight claw is useful for batten removal or prying floorboards as well as general nail pulling PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT PRICE 149E316S 16 OZ. $29.39 150E320S 20 OZ. $44.29 149MRF22S 22 OZ. $28.49 150E320S ALL-STEEL RIPPING HAMMER Deep throated, extra large striking head !! o Almost indestructible !! o Neoprene grip absorbs shock and reduces fatigue !! o Octagon neck and smoothly swept claws PRO-16 RIP HAMMER 13" white hickory handle, fully polished head and smooth face !! o Same high quality as our other framing hammers !! o A beautifully proportioned hammer for all-around use !! o Head weight: 16 oz. PRODUCT NO. PRICE 14999 $28.69 CAL FRAMING HAMMER Milled with nail starter, Handle length 16" !! o Polished striking head forged from high carbon steel !! o Hickory handles are machine gauged, double sanded, buffed and lacquered !! o Magnetic in-head nail holder orged machine anded, uered ead nail holder FIBERGLASS HANDLED HAMMER 20 oz. hollow-core fiberglass hammer !! o Handle provides better balance and absorbs shock better than solid fiberglass, steel or wood !! o Drop forged high carbon steel head !! o Neoprene grip for comfort !! o Sure-lock wedged and epoxy sealed for a permanent tight fit !! o Handle length: 16" 149FS999ML 149CFB2LM 149R99 ML PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT DESCRIPTION PRICE 149R99 16 OZ. SMOOTH $33.59 149R999L 20 OZ. SMOOTH $42.19 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION WEIGHT PRICE 149FS999L SMOOTH 20 OZ. $35.89 149FS999ML MILLED 20 OZ. $42.19 149FS505M MILLED 24 OZ. $47.79 PROFESSIONAL CALIFORNIA FRAMERS Combines features of Vaughan's "999" Rip Hammer and Rigbuilder's Hatchet !! o Fully polished head, claws and extra large striking face !! o Top quality, white hickory handle, double-wedged into eye !! o Comfort, balance and lightweight, this hammer will provide years of reliable service SUPER FRAMING HAMMERS Large "deep throat" striking head for extra reach !! o Polished head is drop forged of high carbon steel-resists chipping, mushrooming and cracking !! o Octagon neck and straight claws !! o Hickory handle is double sanded, buffed and lacquered for maximum hand comfort !! o Milled ng, 149CF1HC 149707M PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT PRICE 149999ML 20 OZ. $35.89 149505M 24 OZ. $39.89 149606M 28 OZ. $40.89 149707M 32 OZ. $45.59 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION WEIGHT PRICE 149CF2 STRAIGHT 19 OZ. $35.89 149CF2HC CURVED 19 OZ. $35.89 149CF1HC CURVED 23 OZ. $39.29 FRAMING PRODUCT NO. FINISH WEIGHT PRICE 149E322S SMOOTH 22 OZ. $37.79 149E322SM MILLED 22 OZ. $37.79 149E324S SMOOTH 24 OZ. $40.49 149E324SM MILLED 24 OZ. $40.49 149E328SM MILLED 28 OZ. $41.99 14930H SMOOTH 30 OZ. $60.89 149E330SM MILLED 30 OZ. $47.29 PRODUCT NO. WEIGHT PRICE 149CFB2LM 19 OZ. $51.09 149CF1 23 OZ. $43.89

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